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Designer Spotlight: Dyel Design

June 8, 2015

Homeowners embarking on their renovation journey probably have some common questions in mind, such as “What do I need to prepare before the first meeting with my interior designer?” and “What’s next for home design?”

In this interview with the creative people behind DYEL, a Singapore-based interior design consultancy company, we asked them to shed some light on these topics, while learning what makes them truly unique in the industry

Designer Spotlight: Dyel Design

Qanvast: What is your design philosophy?

Dyel Design (D): It’s all about designing nice houses with the customer’s lifestyle in mind. As our tagline goes, “It’s not just about our design, it’s about your lifestyle.”

We treat each home we design like it’s our own home. That’s why we put in our best effort.

Qanvast: Why would homeowners choose your firm over others?

D: I believe our passion in making great looking homes is why clients choose us. We offer super good service, and are committed to trying harder for customers.

Designer Spotlight: Dyel Design
Designer Spotlight: Dyel Design

Qanvast: Among all your projects, which one gives the most satisfaction?

D: A home that we did many years ago, as the customer gave us a lot of free play. It’s great because we could get our creative juices flowing with wild ideas!

Qanvast: What is your favourite design style?

D: I like the minimalistic style because it’s timeless. What’s more, you can refresh the look with a simple change of accessories and furniture anytime you feel like it.

Designer Spotlight: Dyel Design

Qanvast: What tricky challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

D: Working with a limited budget can be quite a challenge. It can greatly restrict the design ideas we have in mind.

With that said, design is a creative thing. A limited budget doesn’t mean we can’t achieve a good designed house. All you need is a little creativity. For example, we can replace an expensive feature wall with a do-it-yourself art piece.

Designer Spotlight: Dyel Design

Qanvast: How is home design today different as compared to 5 years ago? How will it change in the next few years?

D: Home design is going simpler. People prefer less bulky built-ins, and are more attracted to character pieces.

I believe homes will become more and more sophisticated and lifestyle-based. Because of that, furniture and accessories will play a bigger role in creating a dream home.

Designer Spotlight: Dyel Design

Qanvast: What preparation does a homeowner need to do before meeting an interior designer?

D: Having a budget in mind will definitely be helpful. Homeowners should also bring pictures of their ideal concept, as pictures speak louder than words. It is also because a person’s interpretation of a specific concept may be quite different from another person’s definition.

Qanvast: When should homeowners choose a contractor over an interior designer?

D: When design is not the main priority, and the owner has more time in his hands to oversee the renovation on his own.

Designer Spotlight: Dyel Design

Qanvast: What should homeowners look out for when they visit an interior designer, and what questions should they ask?

D: You will need to have good chemistry with the designer, in order to work well together. Plus, it is important for the interior designer to have a good understanding of your concept and preferences before they can give you what you want.

Some questions to ask are how many years of experience the interior designer has and which design types they are strong in.

Designer Spotlight: Dyel Design

Qanvast: Do you have any advice for homeowners who are looking to do up their place?

D: Do your homework and come up with your budget and desired concept beforehand. Only then can your interior designer come up with something that’s relevant to your needs.

Designer Spotlight: Dyel Design

About Dyel Design

DYEL is a Singapore-based interior design consultancy company.

It is hard not to be infected by Dyel founder, Diana’s, exuberance and passion in art and design. It is exactly this passion that led her to follow her heart and move to interior design early in her career.

She now has a team of dedicated designers who work to delight clients and help them achieve their dream homes. Most importantly, they pride themselves in nurturing a close client-designer relationship. In doing this, they are able to use each home as a blank canvas to express their client's lifestyle and character.

Designer Spotlight: Dyel Design

Years of experience: 15 years
Number of completed projects: Too many to remember ☺

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