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Designer Spotlight: Fifth Avenue Interior

November 4, 2016

“There’s a unique design for every budget.” – Derick Ong, founder of Fifth Avenue Interior

The first thing that strikes you about boutique interior design practice, Fifth Avenue Interior, is its name, which brings to mind the world’s most expensive shopping strip. But aside of sounding “atas”, Derick Ong, one of the four designers who founded the firm just last year, says they are really all about offering affordable design solutions.

Designer Spotlight: Fifth Avenue Interior

“At Fifth Avenue Interior, we believe there’s a unique design for every budget. It doesn’t mean that $15,000 won’t buy you a special design, or you won’t be able to realise your dream home. The last thing we want our customers to think is that they have to pay more to get what they want,” explains Derick.

Designer Spotlight: Fifth Avenue Interior

Fifth Avenue Interior speciality is in incorporating homeowners’ taste and a hint of western-influenced design styles like Scandinavian and French Country into a seamless design plan that offers both warmth and functionality in key living spaces.

Inspirations Straight From The Source

“My designers and I are travel bugs ourselves, and we especially love Scandinavian countries. It’s where we go and re-charge ourselves, absorb the environment and gain new inspirations. The homes there have a lot of white wood and bricks — and feels very stress-free. That’s the kind of homes we want to create for our clients, no matter it’s Scandi, Industrial, or Country or Contemporary theme.”

Designer Spotlight: Fifth Avenue Interior
Designer Spotlight: Fifth Avenue Interior

No Money, Still Got Honey

“One of the biggest challenges we face is trying to achieve our client’s dream home without exceeding their budget. We have to keep our creative juices flowing, by thinking up new alternatives and different variations to replace conventional ways to save cost — perhaps installing open shelves in the kitchen instead of the usual cabinets which can be quite nice as well; or, we could play with paint colours on the feature wall in place of a built-in media console which is attractive, too.”

Designer Spotlight: Fifth Avenue Interior

What You See Is What You Get

“What you see in our portfolio are real homes that we’ve completed — not just 3D pictures. Our policy to show all potential homeowners real homes is living proof that we can make that picture-perfect home yours.”

Fifth Avenue Interior's commitment to actualising the dreams of homeowners is perfectly encapsulated in their slogan “Your Dream, We Actualize”.

Browse more of Fifth Avenue Interior’s past projects on Qanvast and see what their clients have to say about their design and service here.

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