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Designer Spotlight: Space Atelier

July 22, 2016
Designer Spotlight: Space Atelier

Stanley Seah and Jonathan Kuok set up their ID business, Space Atelier Pte Ltd, after working together in other ID firms since 2004. They realised there was a need to set a standard in the industry, and ensure the quality and consistency of the carpentry workmanship. Now, two years old, the business has gone from a strength to strength -- growing from just two of them at first to a team of 11 designers who specialises in both residential and commercial projects.

Designer Spotlight: Space Atelier

“Most ID companies use several contractors and suppliers and that was a huge problem,” says Jonathan, “You can see that the carpentry quality varies in the look, feel and way the laminates are joined. At Space Atelier we work with just two contractors whom we’ve set a standard for and so far that’s working out.”

Some of their strengths include good aftersales service and excellent product knowledge. “We now try to update ourselves with the latest trends and products in the market so we can share them with our clients. We believe it pays to provide good aftersales service. If it wasn’t for our willingness to help them as much as we can, sometimes even absorbing the cost after the one-year warranty period, we wouldn’t have gained this much trust,” says Stanley.

Designer Spotlight: Space Atelier

1. A Good design needs to be practical

“Singaporeans are loving the industrial, Scandi and mid-century modern looks at the moment. We try our best to fulfil the aesthetics part but the heart of a good interior design is it has to be practical and functional for the people living in it. So while an open kitchen concept looks nice, you can’t do much stirfries in it,” says Jonathan.

2. Good space planning is crucial

“The harsh reality is that homes in Singapore are shrinking, so we need to make better use of our space. So aside from telling us your design concept and colour scheme, we’ll also help you to plan your space better – for e.g. how to expand your kitchen or bedroom, and where to store your bulky things,” says Stanley.

Designer Spotlight: Space Atelier

3. Best to keep things minimal

“I’d describe my home as contemporary minimalistic. It looks clean and is easy to maintain. I’ve also kept my daughter’s room simple because kids grow up so fast. For now, the most decorative item in her room are the wall decals. And my bathroom is the most luxurious – clad with marble tiles since it’s where I spend the most time in [laughs]!” says Jonathan.

4. Pay more attention to the kitchen

“A good workflow in the kitchen will make life a lot easier so make sure the sink and stove are close by. And since the kitchen is the wife’s domain, you know what they say: happy wife, happy life,” says Jonathan.

Designer Spotlight: Space Atelier
Designer Spotlight: Space Atelier

About Space Atelier Pte Ltd

Space Atelier Pte Ltd was set up in 2014 by Stanley Seah and Jonathan Kuok. The duo has a wealth of 18 years in interior designing with Stanley specialising in commercial and shopfront projects, and Jonathan in residential homes. The firm has completed over 100 projects to date. Click here to browse their portfolios and reviews from other homeowners.

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