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Designer Spotlight: Starry Homestead

There are some interior designers whose designs are align with their style while there are some who goes the extra mile to make every house look unique but yet keeping in consideration your requirements and your budget. Starry Homestead belongs to the latter.

We caught up with Vincent, the owner from Starry Homestead on how their team worked their way to success and designer advice on designing a good house.

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Qanvast: What is your design philosophy and how would you describe your designs?

Vincent (V): It’s hard to pin down a style to our design as every project we have done has their own style that revolves around the homeower’s requirements. At Starry Homestead, we aim to think out of the box in terms of workmanship and materials used, so as to bring out the character you want to embed in your home. More importantly, we know that it’s not easy to cough up money for renovation so we will stick closely to your budget.

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Qanvast: What is unique about Starry Homestead?

V: For us, we really strive to deliver excellence and good service to our clients. I believe we are one of the rare teams where we worked like a family. We organised team-bonding events and even help to followup with each other’s projects, so homeowners won’t have to deal with a designer who goes MIA (missing in action).

Next, having to work with right partners is important as they will impact the quality of work that we deliver. We pick only reputable business partners with good track record.

Then moving on to homeowners, we offer our opinions on decorating their home and even help to procure them since we have a wide network of suppliers.

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Qanvast: How is interior design different as compared to 5 years ago?

V: In the past, the designer has more say in the design and the design was translated from the sketch paper to the actual home. Now, due to the proliferation of the internet, ideas can be easily accessed and shared and homeowners are definitely savvier and more passive in their renovation research. To them, a home has to show off their personality and they are willing to put in the work to build the interior that they like.

Also, the renovation industry is getting more transparent. I believe that’s where Qanvast is trying to do, right?

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Qanvast: What is the most interesting project you have done to date?

V: That would be for a French bakery in SOTA. The design idea was to enhance the French tradition of bread making. We thought of including iconic elements of France, such as the Eiffel Tower. However, the shopowner said he could do away with a skimming impression and highlight the French culture in a more authentic and traditional manner – via its bread and the visual display.

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He actually went all out to import a large bread oven (3m by 3m) from France and hired French technicians to install; it took them a week for that installation. They also imported their ingredients from France, including the flour as it is the main ingredient for the breads. That was really impressive!

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Seeing how much effort was put in to showcase the bread-making culture, the design definitely has to compliment with what he is doing. As such, we opted to highlight the 100 years of bread-making process with black and white photographs to ‘educate’ the consumers in a ‘less is more’ approach, and of course a huge glass display for the breads.

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Seeing how the owner was committed to delivering a good quality product hit me hard. I felt that it can be applied to renovation as well – we will need to deliver a good service and products so that our brand will soar.

Qanvast: How would you advise homeowners who are looking to do up their place?

V: Don’t follow trends! When renovating your home, it’s important to stick to your requirements that revolve around your needs and lifestyle. In fact, doing up your home that amplifies and complements your personality has a more evergreen appeal than following what is popular.

About Starry Homestead

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(picture of Vincent)

Years of Experience: 4 years of design experience, 7 years of renovation experience
Projects completed: More than 100 projects
Fun Fact: A techie – loves the latest gadgets and has his eyes set on Google Glass and Apple Watch

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