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Designer Spotlight: Stylerider

April 13, 2017

Despite being relatively fresh on the interior scene, Stylerider's working philosophy is anything but juvenile. With a serious focus on providing homeowners a transparent renovation experience, the firm has managed to stand out as a trusted fixture for referrals, all within the span of two short years.

We sat down for a chat with Jack Ng, the Director of Stylerider as he opens up to us about their plans for the future, as well as some important renovation advice for homeowners.

Designer Spotlight: Stylerider
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Qanvast: What sets Stylerider apart from other interior designers?

Jack (J): Trust is a very important aspect that defines who we are. At Stylerider, we like to keep things open and transparent; From having an open-concept showroom where designers and clients alike can mingle and exchange ideas, to discussing about renovation budgets and requirements.

We like to be upfront to homeowners about what they can expect in terms of costing and timeline, and we try our best to stick to what's agreed on. All our designers are likewise not allowed to mislead our customers with false renovation information.

Designer Spotlight: Stylerider
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Qanvast: What are two key strengths that Stylerider can offer homeowners?

(J): Firstly, we are able to adapt to different client styles and demands. There's no particular style that we are strong in - instead we translate what homeowners want and improve on their ideas with practical and functional solutions. Second, our designers at Stylerider never allow homeowners to settle for a design that they are dissatisfied with.

Designer Spotlight: Stylerider
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Qanvast: How do you think the renovation scene changed in the past 5 years?

(J): Homeowners today tend to focus on more practical factors like timeline and cost when it comes to renovating their home. However, I would advise clients to place a higher emphasis on workmanship too. While quality does come with a higher price, the value and lifespan of your home's fittings will make that money worthwhile, especially if you plan to stay for long.

Designer Spotlight: Stylerider
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Qanvast: How does Stylerider stay relevant to changing demands?

(J): Our designers and staff are constantly sent for upgrading courses to learn the about the latest building technology for our local market. In addition, we regularly study and keep tabs on what local interior styles are popular with homeowners, so that we will be better equipped with handling new renovation requests.

Designer Spotlight: Stylerider
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Qanvast: Where does Stylerider see itself in 5 years' time?

(J): Thanks to the rapport and trust we built with the homeowners we've worked with, we have received strong referral support in the residential community in past 2 years. We are definitely looking to expanding into the commercial market in the next 5 years, as well as focusing on better value-added services, such as more frequent quality checks against the suppliers we are working with.

Qanvast: What are some common oversights homeowners make about home renovation?

(J): Due to a lack of understanding of the renovation process, most homeowners often under-estimate how much time is needed. Depending on the extent of works, the size of the home and the type of style, we often have to advise home owners to a more realistic timeline.

Designer Spotlight: Stylerider
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Qanvast: What should homeowners do when they meet an interior designer?

(J): It is important that homeowners advise their timeline accurately. Communicate and be honest about what you want in their home, as it will definitely help the interior designer avoid any delays, misunderstandings or sudden hidden costs.

About Stylerider

Founded by Jack Ng, Stylerider focuses on providing premium, personalised services to homeowners in Singapore. Comprising of a team of experienced and creative interior professionals, Stylerider is a trusted source for quality design and workmanship.

Find out more about Stylerider's projects and read their past client testimonials in their profile here..

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