Designer’s Home: Bowerman Interior

December 19, 2016
Designer’s Home: Bowerman Interior

It’s hard to miss this hotel-inspired maisonette in the quiet neighourhood of Kim Keat.

Step inside the dark luxe interior, Chris, the owner of Bowerman Interior shares the perks of designing his home – there is no difficult requirements, (almost) no limit to the budget and there is no need to rush to complete the job.

Designer’s Home: Bowerman Interior

The renovation and styling went about ten months as the meticulous designer paid attention to minute design details, and had to go about sourcing the right statement piece for his home. From textures to materials and even to the scent of his home, much thought and devotion was put into designing each corner.

Case in point, the island bar was strategically erected after taking into consideration how natural light streams into the house and how the kitchen design should be like such that it complements his lifestyle requirements and of course, the city skyline.

Designer’s Home: Bowerman InteriorDesigner’s Home: Bowerman Interior

For the culinary hobbyist, the open kitchen concept makes a good place to showcase his culinary skills and aids in ventilation. The lush vertical garden by the yard adds the much-needed privacy.

Designer’s Home: Bowerman Interior

Up in the master bedroom and bathroom, crystal chandelier and traditional bedside lamps make a statement in the polished sophisticated interior.

The oriental theme revolved around the décor artifacts bought from a trip to Beijing. The marriage of Asian contemporary designs and traditional culture in this home mirrors the design style of the late iconic hotel designer, Jaya Ibrahim, who happened to be a muse of Chris.

Designer’s Home: Bowerman Interior

Chris believes that every home comes with a story, and to him, a home is one that takes time to build up, or ”家是慢慢加”. One can’t rush creativity and a home should evolve with the owners over time.

Designer’s Home: Bowerman Interior

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