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Designer's Home: Nextdoor ID

July 17, 2017

“Less is more” is the approach when it comes to designing their home. Having stayed in this dimly-lit flat for over 10 years, it was due for a facelift and a new lifestyle. The designers of Nextdoor ID transformed this apartment with design accents they love - herringbone floor pattern and dark colours.

Home of the Designer - Nextdoor ID

Less storage, less clutter – the idea was to do away with storage if possible to minimise hoarding. After two months of de-cluttering, the house undergone a complete makeover.

Used to be a storeroom behind the main entrance, the designer downsized the storage area and kept it strictly for shoes and other necessary household items.

Home of the Designer - Nextdoor ID

Enter into the living room, you’ll be greeted with the textured wall made of dark metallic accents; not the conventional feature wall you’d see in homes these days.

Home of the Designer - Nextdoor ID

Placing the dining table in the curved balcony spot creates a visual interest and emphasises the multi-functional use of the space for eat, work and play. Throw in a dining set and a touch of rustic floral centrepiece to make the zone inviting.

Home of the Designer - Nextdoor ID

What used to be a cramped narrow kitchen with cabinets on both end, they decided to have everything flushed to one side, making use of the natural light to illuminate the kitchen workspace.

While most homeowners focus on storage, they decided that less is more, doing away with the heavy cabinetry for the top and opting for display shelves.

Home of the Designer - Nextdoor ID

Going into the bedroom, the dark coloured-theme continues, as they were really fond of dark hues. The focus of the bedroom lies in maximising wardrobe space, and creating a soothing sanctuary for rest.

Home of the Designer - Nextdoor ID

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