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Dine In Style With A Wooden Dining Table

If you want a dining table that is a centerpiece and makes a good talking point in your home, make a wood dining table your choice. The beautiful naturally flowing grains and raw coloration of any wood fit in easily in almost any home or office space.

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Herman Furniture offers such high quality dining tables that are a cut above the rest. What sets them apart are the level of customization and competitive pricing. Every single piece of wood slab is chosen by Herman’s staff and all of their wood pieces are finished with non-toxic water-based lacquer that does not pose any health risk to you and your family. By cutting out fancy showrooms, retailers and middleman, price is kept at a minimum and quality is kept at the optimum.

We got Herman Furniture to share more on about their brand and their wood products.

Qanvast: Wood is widely used at homes. With so many types of woods, which types would you recommend?

Herman Furniture (HF): The common types of wood used for furnishings can be broadly classified as manufactured boards such as plywood and solid wood. The former is commonly used because it is less expensive, but it does not last long with use and when in contact with water.

Herman only uses solid wood as they tend to last for generations. Years of heavy usage may lead to some scratches or dents in your wood but they may be sanded down and the furniture can be refinished, making it look brand new.

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Qanvast: How does the customisation process work?

HF: Customisation is great as you get to decide on the dimensions, look and feel of the item. Simply contact us and send or bring along some visual references and we’ll discuss the functionality and your needs before deciding on the materials. The fabrication and finishing process is done in Singapore, so you can come down for a final check before we deliver the product to your place.

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Qanvast: Some woods are more expensive than others. How do you know if the price you paid justifies what you are getting?

HF: You can start with these four points.

1. Identify the type of wood and its origins

The first step is to identify if you are getting a manufactured board or solid wood furniture as mentioned above.

Woods such as teak wood and rosewood are more expensive due to diminishing supply as well as exports regulations in producing countries. These woods are densely grained and less susceptible to rotting and warping. Teak is naturally resistant to bugs and fungus, and they are suited for outdoor or wet conditions. Some other woods are also more expensive due to their origin country - e.g. walnut, maple or oak from the States or European countries.

2. Size of wood

Single pieced large woods are more valuable and expensive as compared to smaller pieces that are glued or machine pressed to form a plank.

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3. Workmanship

Workmanship and finishing determines how long the furniture will last. Also, understand the terms. For example, “veneer” is a rather confusing term commonly used by retailers. It is essentially just a thin layer of wood shaving pasted over plywood to mimic the look and the grain patterns of solid wood, so do not be fooled.

4. Warranty

Always purchase furniture from retailers that offer warranty for their products. Manufacturers must be confident enough to offer warranty to attest to the build quality of their products.

Qanvast: How do I care for wood furniture?

HF: In most cases, all you need is a soft moist cloth. If there are smudges or oily stains, just add some mild soap to the cloth. We use imported water-based lacquer (European Ecolabel Certified) to ensure that our finishing is durable and that the wood retains its natural splendour. No waxes or polishes are needed.

With that being said, Herman Furniture’s wood slab tables are meant to last a lifetime. A few years of usage will result in the lacquer wearing off, leaving the wood susceptible to water, oil, and food particles. When this happens, you can inform us and we can pick it up and refinish it, and it will be as good as new.

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About Herman Furniture

At Herman Furniture, we love wood and we take great pleasure in creating some of the most exquisite solid wood slab dining tables in Singapore since 2012. Our furniture is finished locally by the deft hands of our master carpenters to ensure top-notch quality in every inch of our products.

Herman Furniture provides a one-time reparation on any cracks that might occur, and this service is extended throughout the life of the table.

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