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Dishwashers Aren't for Singaporeans... or Are They? Read and Find Out

They’re not as wasteful as you think!

It’s rare to hear of a Singaporean (or any Asian, really) owning a dishwasher. For one, people seem to think that it’s a huge waste of money – from purchasing the dishwasher itself, to dealing with obscenely high utility bills. For another, there’s the belief that it’s too big to fit into an average-sized HDB kitchen.

Bosch dishwashers Singapore

But what if we told you that some of these beliefs aren’t true, and that every Singaporean household could do with a dishwasher? We’re specifically talking about the Bosch dishwashers, all of which come with a myriad of useful features that complement the Singaporean lifestyle.

Keep scrolling to see how they can do so (and find a sweet deal in the process)!

1. Dishwashers gives you time to do other things

Bosch dishwashers Singapore
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Whether you have tons of free time on your hands or not, we bet you can think of something you’d rather do instead of the dishes – like catching up on the latest episode of your favourite show, or spending time with your family.

And since it does all the cleaning for you, it’s why a dishwasher can be such a huge lifesaver. Think about it – not only will you be free from this dreaded chore, but you’ll also have extra time to do your own thing. Talk about saving time and effort!

2. Dishwashers actually cut down on water and energy consumption

Hands up if you’ve heard that dishwashers use a ton of electricity and water, or that they cause your utility bills to skyrocket. It’s not surprising if you have – it’s a pretty common belief among Singaporean homeowners, after all.

Bosch dishwashers Singapore
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However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Especially so for Bosch dishwashers, since they tend to use an average of 7 litres of water per load. If you think that’s a lot, wait till you find out that washing that same load by hand can use almost 40 litres – that’s more than quadruple that of a dishwasher.

Bosch dishwashers Singapore
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Source: PUB

So, don’t let those naysayers get to you. In reality, having a dishwasher can actually help you cut down on your utility bills!

3. Dishwashers keeps your tableware hygienic

Many people think that dishwashers simply slosh water around to clean the dishes. If that’s you, you’re probably wondering how water is enough to remove things like hardened cheese – especially considering how difficult they are to scrub away manually.

Bosch dishwashers Singapore
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So, here’s how they actually work: high-pressured internal water jets. This feature allows the dishwashers to clean every nook and cranny while removing the toughest stains with total ease.

If the hygiene freak in you isn’t satisfied, here’s more. Bosch dishwashers use heated water at around 50ºC (with an ability to go up to 70ºC), which instantly kills lingering germs or bacteria. Some of their models even come with an Extra Clean Zone that carries out extra thorough cleaning for heavily soiled tableware.

Whatever your reservations may be, you’ll definitely realise that it’s more hygienic than washing with a dirty sponge and tepid water!

Bonus: Dishwashers don’t take up too much space

Bosch dishwashers Singapore
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Ah, space – a Singaporean homeowner’s top concern, especially with HDB flats getting smaller and smaller. And with the belief that all dishwashers are big and bulky, it’s no wonder that Singaporeans shy away from getting one.

But here’s the kicker: all of Bosch’s dishwashers are compact enough to fit into any home. They have a line of freestanding and built-in dishwashers that can be fitted into your kitchen cabinets. Models for each type come in widths of 60cm and 45cm – which is definitely way smaller than the clunky dishwashers seen in Western homes.

Bosch dishwashers Singapore
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Even if you think your house doesn’t have the floor space to accommodate them, you also have the freestanding compact dishwasher (45cm x 55cm x 50cm) that can easily be placed on top of an existing counter or washing machine!

Bosch: providing dishwashers that complement every Singaporean lifestyle

Bosch dishwashers Singapore
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Only on 7 July 2022, snag a discount of up to 40% for selected Bosch dishwashers! Models include:

  • SKS62E32EU (U.P. $1399)
  • SMS2HAI12E (U.P. $1999)
  • SMS4ECI14E (U.P. $2999)
  • SMS8YCI01E (U.P. $3499)
  • SMU4HCS48E (U.P. $3199)
  • SMI4HCS48E (U.P. $2699)
  • SMV6ZCX42E (U.P. $3499)

If you’ll only be moving in to your new home later this year, no worries – you can delay your delivery date up until 30 September 2022.

And as a bonus, by purchasing any of these models, you’ll get 3 packs of Bosch’s Finish Dishwashing Tablets – completely free of charge! Click the button below to get started.


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