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Dyson V12 Detect™ Slim Reveals Dirt Left by Everyday Vacuums

It’s time for your floors to come clean.

So you’ve just vacuumed your floors, and it looks like you’ve done a good job. But here’s the hard truth: your floors probably aren’t as clean as you think - not unless you have the Dyson V12 Detect™ Slim.

The latest cordless vacuum by Dyson makes you rethink what a clean floor is. Its laser and dust detect technology reveals very fine particles that you can’t normally see, and you’d be surprised by how much dust everyday vacuums - cordless and robot - actually leave behind.

Don’t believe us? Watch the video below for a comparison of everyday vacuums and the Dyson V12 Detect™ Slim in action.

We put everyday vacuums and the Dyson V12 Detect™ Slim through a series of tests to see just how well and easily they clean.

Here’s how the Dyson V12 Detect™ Slim stands out from your everyday vacuums:

Makes ‘invisible’ dirt visible

Natural or regular lighting only allows you to see bigger dust particles. Yet, all homes have very fine dust particles not visible to the naked eye, which make them easy to miss when you vacuum. How then, do you clean what you can’t see?

Enter the V12’s built-in laser. Safe for the eyes, a laser is projected onto the floor at an optimal angle and height, revealing fine particles as you vacuum. Its strong suction power also ensures that these fine particles are picked up, giving you cleaner floors than before.

Dyson V12
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The V12’s laser exposes fine dust particles you can’t normally see.

To find out just how effective the V12 is compared to everyday vacuums, we first used the latter to clean a hard floor. To the naked eye, it seemed like they did a good job. But when we switched on the laser on the V12, it revealed that the everyday vacuums had actually left a covering of fine particles behind.

Dyson V12
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The V12’s laser reveals dirt left behind by everyday vacuums.

Verdict: Being able to see such fine dust in a brand new light (pun intended) is truly a game changer. In fact, when we switched back to using everyday vacuums after our test, we couldn't help but have the nagging feeling that the floors weren't completely clean.

Gives you a better picture on what you’re cleaning

As if seeing fine dust particles isn’t enough, the V12 also tells you in real-time, the size and quantity of dirt captured on their built-in LCD screen. This is achieved by the V12’s revolutionary piezo sensor that counts and categorises particles being picked up (15,000 times a second!).

Dyson V12
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Each bar indicates a different particle size - from 10 microns to 500 microns.

Based on the size of particles detected (or how dirty an area is), the powerful Dyson Hyperdymium™ motor (which spins at up to 125,000 rpm) automatically increases/decreases suction. This means that nothing gets left behind in dirtier areas, while battery life is maximised by using less power in areas where fewer particles are picked up.

Verdict: With the knowledge that you’re ridding your home of these microscopic particles, vacuuming is no longer just a mindless task but a rewarding one!

Lets you see and clean hard-to-reach areas with ease

Do you struggle to clean dark nooks and crevices? Not anymore with Dyson’s Light pipe crevice tool. While it’s tough to see what you’re cleaning with an everyday vacuum attachment, the light pipe crevice tool illuminates these hard-to-reach areas as you clean them.

It is versatile enough to be used in places like cars and wall edges when in handheld mode, and it can also be mounted to the end of the wand to clean high places or behind bulky appliances and furniture.

Dyson V12
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Combining its strong suction power with the light pipe crevice tool, the V12 leaves no room for dust to hide.

Verdict: With the cleaning of crevices made this easy, you won’t have to put off the task again.

Removes the need to deal with tangled mess (or dirt)

We love our pets but not the hair they leave behind. Long pet and human hair often get tangled up within the vacuum’s roller brush and it can be a (real) pain to remove them.

Dyson cleverly solves that with their all-new hair screw tool which comes exclusively with the V12. Its anti-tangle conical brush picks up long hair in a split second, and spirals it straight into the vacuum’s bin without any hair getting caught in the brush head.

Dyson V12
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The V12 saves you the hassle of manually removing long hairs and pet fur from your vacuum.

Verdict: No more tangled hair buildup in your vacuum’s brush head. Fuss-free and easy to maintain, the V12 saves you both time and effort.

Nothing comes close to a Dyson

For cleaning made effortless, Dyson’s latest powerful vacuum weighs in at just 2.2kg, and gives you 60 minutes of continuous, powerful suction with a single push of a button.

Be it hard floors, rugs, or even dark crevices - it’s time to rid your home of dirt, allergens and other ‘unseen’ fine particles in a way that only the Dyson V12 can.

The Dyson V12 Detect™ Slim is available in three different variants and starts from $899. Get yours today at

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