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East vs. West: The Battle of Two Regions

March 19, 2015

The age-old battle between the East and the West of Singapore is still going on, and it doesn’t seem to be dying down. Admit it, we all love to indulge in a little harmless rivalry. And isn’t it nice to know that our small sunny island is so different in its parts?

Although the fierce Eastie pride has always been undeniable, we think that there are benefits whether you live in the North, South, East or, West. For example, while the East is known for its heritage and food, the West has no lack of lush greenery and reputable schools. As someone once said, “home is where love resides.” So love what you’ve got, and you’ll get what you love. Create a home that reflects your neighbourhood vibe, and give the others a run for their money.

Don’t get what we mean? Take a look at these homes, which will definitely make it tough for you to choose a side.


1. The bold use of geometry delivers personality, while flowery and woody elements, inspired by the neighbourhood landscapes are used to soften its effect. The luxury of ample space didn’t stop the designer from using room dividers and mirrors to create an illusion of an even larger floor space. The floor to ceiling windows are also perfect for those breathtaking sunsets that the Westies get to enjoy.


Interior Designer: Starry Homestead
Location: Jurong West (HDB)

2. This minimalistic home marries industrial with a slight vintage touch. Where it lacks in square feet, it compensates with open concepts and muted furnishings. We can imagine breakfast in bed to kickstart a wonderful weekend of ice-skating, theatre shows, and park strolls.


Interior Designer: Chapter One
Location: Lakepoint (condo)

3. It’s impossible not to draw oohs and aahs when you have the gift of a high ceiling in your living room. Is this one of the possible benefits of living in the West? The homeowner sure knew how to take it up a notch through the use of a dramatic time-worn red-brick wall that lines all the way up to the roof. The otherwise modern kitchen took on a similar raw feel, when the beam from a hacked wall was purposely left intact.


Interior Designer: Prozfile
Location: Pasir Panjang Road (condo)

4. It’s rare for a house nowadays to keep to a singular theme. This apartment managed to stay single-minded, and the result is a modern sanctuary in the West that’s cool, yet warm and cosy.


Interior Designer: LU+C Studio
Location: Strathmore Ave (HDB)

5. The brief given by the owners of this home was to harmonise fine art with contemporary comfort. The designer certainly nailed the brief when it came to giving each art piece in the house its well-deserved attention without letting it intimidate the space. The highlight for us, however, is the resort-style pool that is great for both lazy Sundays and high flyer parties. Now, who said the West is dull?


Interior Designer: Mofasis
Location: Holland Road (landed)


1. With so many cool cafes in the area, this condo has no lack of inspiration sources. We like how the kitchen island doubles up as a dining table to save space for a sizeable living area.

Also, the motivational quote handwritten on the chalkboard wall adds a nice personal touch from the homeowners.


Interior Designer: Habit
Location: Eastwood (condo)

2. This landed property offers a refreshing take on the industrial theme, just like the breath of fresh air the East provides. It’s the charming details-from the all black shower system to the bathroom barn door that will get you talking.


Interior Designer: 82
Location: Coldstream Ave (landed)

3. If you can’t turn back time, you can still recreate memories with objects from the past. The couple who owns this condo dreamt up a cute little space that’s decorated with retro items, including five stones cushions, an old typewriter, and vintage poster signs.


Interior Designer: The 80's Studio
Location: Arc@Tampines (condo)

4. Earthy tones, warm lights, and art paintings provide this modern apartment with a matured vibe. But what you are coveting is probably the spaciousness of the kitchen and dining room, which the homeowners didn’t take for granted by keeping the décor clean and minimal.


Interior Designer: Modernwerks
Location: Pasir Ris Drive (HDB)

5. When you think of the icon of the East, what comes to mind first? Joo Chiat shophouses, of course! We can’t help but to rave about this shophouse’s black and white façade and good-looking spiral staircases. While the vicinity has a strong Peranakan influence, the homeowners chose an effortless contemporary style for their interior design.


Interior Design: Space Define Interior
Location: 259 Tembeling Road (landed)

So tell us, after beholding all these beautiful homes, which side are you on? Leave us a comment below.

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