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Easy and Safe, This Food Processor is Great for First-Timers

With a simple interface, a powerful, quick motor and convenient, user-friendly features, the Philips HR7627 food processor is a great starter piece for kitchen amateurs. However, its performance varies depending on the tool used.

Philips HR7627 Daily Collection Food Processor, $88.80 on Qoo10

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What We Loved:

  • Easy-to-use interface free from unnecessary, confusing buttons.
  • Easy-clean motor and bowl design
  • Helpful safety features - sturdy, suction base and in-built safety mechanisms when processor is on.
  • Powerful motor makes it great for chopping/mincing foods. Slices and shreds fast as well.
  • Accessories can fit into the processor's bowl, making it easy to store.

What We Didn't:

  • Weak at emulsifying (creating whipped peaks) and kneading.
  • Motor can struggle on harder foods like parmesan cheese or thick, viscous substances like cake batter.

Best For:

  • Light cooks, beginners or busy users short on time.

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Cutting down the laborious process of preparing food to mere seconds, food processors have become kitchen staples that are perfect for today's fast-paced lifestyles. In fact, the Philips HR7627 makes a convincing stand about convenience. The food processor is packed with all sorts of thoughtful features, from it's powerful motor which is able to instantly mince vegetables in quick pulses, to its dummy-proof user interface which only has (yes) one dial to work with.

Yet, for its effortless use comes a couple of downsides. It's not great for mixing and whipping baked goods; and the motor slightly stalls when faced with harder foods. This makes the HR7627 great for basic, everyday cooking preparation; but if you're more of an avid cook, the processor's limited features (compared to other models) and inconsistent performance might not beat an experienced hand.

Opening the Box

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While the Philips HR7627 came in a rather hefty box that could be tiring to lug around (note if you're thinking of a cash and carry), the package came with the essentials plus ample accessories for you to work the processor around with. The box included:

  • 650W motor unit
  • 2.1L bowl with lid
  • Stainless steel chopping blade
  • Stainless steel disc inserts for granulating, slicing and shredding
  • Kneading accessory
  • Emulsifying tool
  • Instruction manual

While having so many accessories can be a hassle to keep, upon opening the package you'd notice that everything is wrapped and packed within the HR7627's ample 2.1L (1.5L working capacity) bowl. A thoughtful feature that's space-saving and makes the unit easy to stow away too.

Product Design

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One stand-out feature of the Philips HR7627 is definitely its user-friendly body and interface. It's (can we say it?) idiot-proof. Seriously - it's hard to go wrong when there's literally nothing else for you to fiddle. With just a single-knob that allows users to dial left for short pulses or dial right for up to 2 speed settings, getting used to the machine comes effortlessly. Securing the blades and accessories are as simple as 'dropping' it into the main motor screw. That's it - no twisting or locking required.

Thanks to its sleek, curvy base and minimalist-looking bowl free from unnecessary crevices - cleaning the food processor is also a breeze. Lastly, the product comes with ultra-strong suction pads at the bottom that help the processor to 'stick' onto any surface. And does it stick - once secured, it took a whole load of arm power to get it off the countertop. Which is actually great for its purpose, considering the shaking and vibrating when turned on.

Using the Philips HR7627 Food Processor

For first-timers, understanding what a food processor can do and knowing which accessory or setting to use takes time. But the HR7627's instruction manual comes with an easy-to-digest guideline that makes grasping it easy in a few tries.

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Basically, there are three steps - attach your desired tool, plug in and go. To secure the bowl and lid, users would have to twist until they hear a 'click' to let them know it's locked. All that helps, as the HR7627's powerful, 650-watt motor really shows its strength. With speeds of up to 1900 rpm, the machine has a tendency to vibrate heavily. Which can be slightly disconcerting - are blades or foodstuffs going to go flying out of control?

Thankfully, the HR7627 also comes with safety features to prevent that from happening. The processor has an in-built brake that will stop the motor from moving in 1.5 secs if it detects that the bowl is detached. The result is a safe and rather clean experience - there's no need to wipe up any flyaway bits, as all of it is kept securely within the bowl.


With 650W power, you’d expect the HR7627 to do its job thoroughly on all levels. However, there were some hits and misses.

What's Great

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It does particularly well on the chopping function, which we tested with onions and garlic. In just 2 - 3 pulses, entire cloves were chopped into small, rather uniform bits - which gives you an idea of how powerful the motor is. But if you're really OCD about nicely chopped ingredients, the HR7627 is rather rough-handed.

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Likewise, the slicing and shredding function also produced cleanly cut cucumbers and carrots respectively in seconds. The food processor's wide 'chimney' allows longer, larger types of ingredients to be pushed through the blades easily. However like most food processors, this gets a little difficult at the end when the pusher is unable to push the shortened vegetable any further - leaving chunky uncut tops.

What's Weak

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Unfortunately, the HR7627 isn't the best for bakers. When using the kneading tool for mixing cake batter, the motor tends to stall to get over the viscous liquid's resistance. The processor had to be stopped a couple of times to scrape the sides as well, as the batter splashes quite a bit due to its spinning force. Also, the processor's rapid speed means that it doesn't quite thoroughly mix ingredients - there were blobs of flour left unmixed in the batter.

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There was much left to be desired for the emulsifier tool as well. While it does cut down whisking time, quickly turning eggs into a frothy mixture in about a minute on speed 1, it was unable to achieve the stiff, whipped consistency desired. Powering the processor longer doesn't help things, as the mixture turned watery instead.

So, is it worth the buy?

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If general food preparation for cooking is what you're looking for, the Philips HR7627 is a great starter piece. Easy to use and clean, space-saving and powerfully quick, it slices, shreds and chops ingredients in a flash - taking a load of one's cooking time. And if you are willing to overlook the 'quality' of cut ingredients for speed, the processor is a handy accessory that you probably can't live without - once you've gotten used to it.

On the other hand, this processor is not made for bakers, and its fast speed also reveals other weaknesses. For one, there's the splashing and stalling when it comes to liquid mixtures, and it also tends to struggle with harder foods. So, if you're an experienced, well rounded cook, the HR7627's inconsistent performance can be slightly annoying.

Buy the Philips HR7627 Daily Collection Food Processor here.

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