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Elevate Your Home With 9 Eyebrow-Raising Platform Ideas

March 12, 2019

Almost always a constant feature in tiny HDBs, the use of raised platforms aren’t really a novel idea today. Still, with attributes that appeal to the masses (both functional and visually arresting), it is an undeniable pragmatic choice and demand doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon.

And because the trend seems to be staying, we’ve sussed out 9 more inventive takes to inspire your next home makeover.

raised platform

Interior Firm:

Living Room

1. Move aside partitions, the raised platform is the ultimate room divider now – unobtrusive with loads of open floor space for soft furnishings, turn it into a cosy retreat!

raised platform

Interior Firm: Fifth Avenue Interior

2. How about a multipurpose window settee? Have your raised platform span the length of your living room, add hidden compartments (for storage) and finish off with floor chairs or cushions.

raised platform

Interior Firm: Charlotte's Carpentry

3. Make the most of your communal spaces. Segregate the living room with a raised platform. Include some cove lights under the elevated platform for additional pizzazz.

raised platform

Interior Firm: Swiss Interior Design

4. Full-height TV consoles pale in comparison to this swanky two-in-one. Mount your TV over the floor console, put on a movie or relax in the extended area – remember to deck it out with cushions, throws and plants for a more comfortable time.

raised platform

Interior Firm: Couple Abode

5. Kill two birds with one stone. Carve out a clear walkway and nook at the same time. Set the raised platform in the corner and cut a curve to form a pathway.

raised platform

Interior Firm:

Dining & Study

6. Believe it or not, this platform is not just a space for rest but also a dining area. Reminiscent of the horigotatsu, there’s a recess for people to place their legs in when the concealed table is brought out for dinner.

raised platform
raised platform

Interior Firm: Ascenders Design Studio

7. Why do study rooms and raised platforms go hand-in-hand? Simple! The storage system in the platform makes it easy to organise your loose papers, stationery and other miscellaneous items. You’ll never lose anything again.

raised platform

Interior Firm: D5 Studio Image


8. Don't leave your pillows or bags lying around on the floor, keep them contained under your bed. Implement a nifty storage compartment just like this one!

raised platform

Interior Firm: The Orange Cube

9. Not all platforms have straight lines; incorporating some curves into a rigid structure introduces a dash of dynamism and makes it more visually arresting due to the contrasting lines.

raised platform
Interior Firm: Space Atelier

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