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Enjoy Extended Warranty and Refundable Deposits with Qanvast

Renovating has never been safer and more rewarding.

As homeowners, we know how tough renovating is; that's why we're constantly striving to make your renovation easy and stress-free as much as possible. To do so, we've beefed up our Qanvast Trust Programme with two new exciting features! Best part? They're all free. Read on for more details!

The Trilinq by Editor Interior
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1. Enjoy greater peace of mind with the free Extended Warranty

With the new Extended Warranty feature, you can now enjoy up to 12 additional months of coverage, for free.

The Extended Warranty coverage will commence after the warranty in your contract ends. The scope of coverage will also be based on your contract's warranty (see table below).

Existing contract's warrantyWith Qanvast's Extended Warranty
12 months longExtends for another 12 months
More than 12 months longExtends for another 6 months
Lifetime warrantyNot applicable

If your contract has varying coverage periods based on the type of works, the coverage will extend accordingly (see example in table below):

Existing contract's warrantyWith Qanvast's Extended Warranty
Waterproofing works is 12 months and underExtends for another 12 months
Carpentry works is more than 12 months longExtends for another 6 months
Waterfront Key by Prozfile Design
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How can I get the Extended Warranty?

To enjoy the extended coverage, you must:

  1. Ensure the firm you engaged through Qanvast has opted in for this feature. This feature will be indicated on the firm's profile, and the terms in your signed contract should also mention the warranty extension.

  2. Opt in for the Qanvast Guarantee and upload your signed contract (as we require a copy of your contract).

  3. Ensure your Qanvast Guarantee submission is approved. That's all!

2. Enjoy more flexibility with free Refundable Deposits

Need more time to review the contract terms after you have signed? To help you out, we've introduced a cooling period of 7 days for you to review the contract terms.

Should you wish to change your mind after signing, you will receive a full refund of your deposits* paid, provided works^ are not carried out during this period.

Once the 7-day cooling period is over, the firm’s clauses on deposits refund and cancellation will take into effect.

Sumang Lane by HOFT
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Note: *Deposits refer to the first phase of the total quote upon signing of the contract. It does not include paid services done before the contract was signed (e.g. quotation fee, design consultation).

^Works refer to anything that requires time and effort on your part, e.g. curating moodboards and arranging appointments with suppliers.

If you're confident about your firm selection or simply in a rush to renovate, you can choose to forgo this feature. Simply provide written consent to your designer so they start working on your project!

Tampines Street 61 by Todz’Terior
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How can I get a full refund?

You must:

  1. Ensure the firm you engaged through Qanvast has opted in for this feature. This feature will be indicated on the firm's profile.

  2. Sign a contract / billed with an invoice that includes the contract terms of the refundable deposit feature.

  3. Ensure that no works have started during the first 7 days, from the contract signed date.

Once the 7-day cooling period is over, the firm's contract terms on non-refundable / cancellation clauses will kick in on the 8th day. You may not be able to get a (full) refund then.

Are you part of the Qanvast Trust Programme yet?

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