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Enjoy the Best Coffees from Around the World at Home for $1

November 20, 2019 · Paid Partnership with Nespresso

Get up to 20% off Nespresso machines for (affordable) happiness, in a cup.

From Australia’s famous flat white to America’s iconic Breve, there are many specialty coffees around the world – but there’s probably no way you can jet off to wherever just for your caffeine fix.

nespresso coffee at home singapore

Source: Nespresso

But what if we told you that you can enjoy unique coffee blends from all around the world for less than $1 per cup? Well, it might sound too good to be true, but with a Nespresso machine and Nespresso coffee capsules, it’s entirely possible to satisfy your craving for an intense espresso even while you’re in Singapore.

What’s your preferred coffee taste?

nespresso coffee at home singapore

Source: Nespresso

As important as brewing time and water-to-coffee ratio, taste is going to be a deciding factor in determining whether a cup of coffee is going to be a perfect wake-me-up. Not to worry! Whether you prefer a brew with a nuttier flavour or a heavier, more intense drink, you can surely find a suitable blend that’ll satisfy your taste buds from Nespresso’s wide range of 28 coffee capsules.

1. Master Origin – For the coffee aficionado

Nespresso’s Master Origin collection consists of distinctive blends resulting from innovative coffee processing methods with coffee craftsmen from India, Indonesia, Colombia, Nicaragua and Ethiopia.

For instance, the Indonesian blend is made by a unique traditional method, known as ‘wet-hulling’ that creates a thick-bodied coffee; while in Nicaragua, a rare ‘black honey’ method is used, where Arabica coffee beans are dried and hand raked every hour under the hot sun to soak up the natural sugars in their fruit layer, producing a smooth, honeyed texture.

nespresso coffee at home singapore

2. Barista Creations – For those who love milk with their coffee

While some coffee enthusiasts may insist on drinking it black, adding dairy or non-dairy alternatives (like oat or soy milk) can elevate it and highlight certain notes! Drawing inspiration from barista-made coffee from the likes of Spain, Melbourne and Brooklyn respectively, Nespresso’s Corto, Scuro and Chiaro capsules are designed to complement milk for a smoother, nuttier flavour that’s also less acidic.

nespresso coffee at home singapore

3. Nordic Indulgence – For a mid-afternoon coffee treat

Hosting festive get-togethers? Unwind and catch up with a cuppa. Nespresso created these limited-edition Nordic-inspired flavoured capsules: Nordic Black, Cloudberry and Almond Cake. Evoking Fika, the traditional Swedish culture of taking time out of your day to rest and relax, their sweet flavours and fruity notes will put you in the mood for a chill afternoon break.

nespresso coffee at home singapore

Efficient machines to get you that barista-level coffee… at the press of a button

Extracting a fresh, aromatic cup of coffee with a Nespresso machine is really simple. Just push a button and the perfect combination of high-pressure extraction, right water temperature and extraction time will reveal the full flavor of the coffee. Not to mention an irresistibly thick and smooth layer of crema.

1. For black coffee lovers | Essenza Plus

nespresso coffee at home singapore

For a limited time, get the Essenza Plus at 15% off: $244.80 (U.P. $288)

This new machine can be used to make larger-sized drinks at a single touch (e.g. Americano and Americano XL), instead of the usual coffee types (e.g. Espresso and Lungo).

If you ever find yourself running out of your favourite capsules, the Essenza Plus comes equipped with a smart reordering system (how convenient!) – pair your machine with a smartphone that has the Nespresso app installed, and just click on the One-Touch Order button to get new capsules delivered to you.

Get it here

2. Enjoy Cappuccinos and Latte Macchiatos at a single touch | Lattissima One

nespresso coffee at home singapore

For a limited-time, get the Lattissima One at 20% off: $358.40 (U.P. $448)

Then again, there are days where you need more than just a simple cuppa for a pick-me-up. Unlike the Essenza Plus, which requires an additional milk frother, the Lattissima One is equipped with an integrated fresh milk system for fuss-free, one-touch milk coffees.

Simply fill the milk jug with your preferred amount and the machine will do the rest – frothing plus brewing the milk and coffee for a balanced drink that suits your preferences.

Get it here

3. Top off your café experience with Latte art | Creatista Plus

nespresso coffee at home singapore

For a limited time, get the Creatista Plus at 20% off: $598.40 (U.P. $748)

But… can you really say that you have completed café experience without some Instagram-worthy latte art?

Aside from offering 8 pre-set coffee recipes (from the simple ristretto to the more complex latte macchiato and café latte), Nespresso’s Creatista Plus allows you to customise your milk texture and temperature with an automatic steam wand, so you can flex that creative muscle and try your hand at latte art to impress your guests!

Get it here

Save more this festive season with Nespresso’s festive deals!

Finding the perfect cup of java is easy and more affordable with 15% off single coffee machines and 20% off bundle and milk machines*.

Valid from 11 November – 2 January 2020 so snag them while you can!

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*Single coffee machines include Inissia, Pixie, Essenza Plus and Citiz machines. Bundle and milk machines include Nespresso machine bundles (Inissia, Pixie, Essenza Plus or Citiz and an Aeroccino3 Milk Frother), Lattissima Range and Creatista.

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