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Even Preschools are Switching to This Kid-Safe Wall Paint

July 23, 2018 · Paid Partnership with Gush!

Hate to break it to you, but it might be more dangerous to keep your kids at home than out these days. Why? Indoor air pollution - from harmful substances and bacteria caused by your building’s material and daily items, the safe haven you call home could actually be the ‘silent killer’ behind your child’s allergies or asthma attacks.

And in an environment where child safety is a big concern, more preschools have been adopting Gush! air-purifying wall paints for cleaner, healthier air indoors. It’s time you did too; here are 5 reasons why this non-toxic paint is a must have for homes with kids:

1. It Removes Toxic Chemicals (and Unwanted Smells)

Gush Interior Paint Healthy Singapore

Guess what: Over 300 types of chemicals can be found in a typical indoor space. From formaldehyde (yes, the one used to embalm bodies), acetone to other VOCs (volatile organic compounds), these nasty substances lead to slower mental abilities, allergies and asthma in children. What’s worse? Some are completely odourless.

Odours or no, Gush AirPure Interior Paint reacts with all forms of toxic gases, breaking them down into harmless substances like CO2 and H2O. Negative ions are also released to attract noxious particles to cluster together and fall, effectively keeping them from being airborne. The result? Clean, fresh-smelling air that’s free from toxins.

2. It Eliminates Up to 99.9% of Bacteria…

Gush Interior Paint Healthy Singapore

Interior Designer: Hall Interiors

One major reason why kids fall sick easily at home? The lack of air circulation and Singapore’s high humidity make indoor spaces a hotbed for bacteria growth. No joke if you’re faced with a highly contagious virus like stomach flu or common influenza! Thankfully, Gush! paints are anti-bacterial - drying and neutralising up to 99.9% of bacterial cells. This helps to greatly reduce the chances of viruses spreading, whether it’s from you to your child or vice versa.

3. …and Gets Rid of Mould

Gush Interior Paint Healthy Singapore

Interior Designer: Charlotte's Carpentry

Another by-product of our humid weather? You guessed it - mould. Due to excess moisture, stale-smelling mould can actually cause serious harm to your airways. Think wheezing, coughs, and even an increase in the risk of asthma by 40%*. While one way of getting rid of it is by airing your rooms, Gush! paints also help to eliminate mould growth indoors. Through negative ions, the paint causes fungal spores to cluster and sink instead of sticking on to walls.

Gush Interior Paint Healthy Singapore

Interior Designer: Fuse Concept

Likewise, Gush!’s highly absorbent paint also doubles as a humidity regulator that balances out moisture levels indoors, effectively preventing mould growth. Moisture is absorbed into its walls in humid weather and released again through the its ultra-fine pores in low humidity (e.g. in an air-conditioned space) for a home that’s comfortable to be in, any time. It’s no wonder the paint even has a 2-year warranty for its anti-moulding properties!

4. It Even Helps You Save on Air-Conditioning Bills

Gush Interior Paint Healthy Singapore

Interior Designer: Style Living Interior

True, air-conditioners can take a bit of the heat and humidity out of your home, but turning the AC on all day can seriously dry out the skin - and spell hefty utility bills!

Lifting your air-conditioner’s workload (and saving energy), Gush! paints double as thermal insulators that help to trap cold air indoors whilst keeping outdoor heat from radiating in, ensuring spaces stay cool for longer. Thanks to its humidity regulating features which release water molecules that increase moisture levels in low humidity, the paint also helps to prevent issues like dry skin and itchy throats.

5. It Dries Faster Than Most Interior Paints

Gush Interior Paint Healthy Singapore

Interior Designer: Style Living Interior

After all, no one likes watching (and waiting) for paint to dry. Especially when you have kids in tow, the faster you get to settle in – the better! That’s why, Gush! paints are specifically formulated to dry 30 – 50 % quicker than the market average. Reducing your renovation timeline, it leaves you more time to spend with the ones you love.

An air purifier that works throughout the home, 24/7.

Gush Interior Paint Healthy Singapore

No electricity required. Built for Singapore’s compact homes and climate, Gush AirPure Interior Paint eliminates common pollutants such as VOCs, formaldehyde and bacteria in the air, whilst regulating humidity and heat from surroundings for a cool, comfortable environment. Made from natural materials, Gush! is the perfect addition for a safer, fresher indoor space for your children and loved ones.

To find out more about Gush AirPure Interior Paint and its paint services provided by the company, visit the Gush! webpage for more information.

Disclaimer: Images shown are for illustration purposes only and do not constitute actual product offerings.

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