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Fengshui Tips In Choosing The Perfect Home

Fengshui is the practice of arranging your environment to create the best flow of energy, or ‘qi’ (气), in your surroundings. When done well, it is believed to create positive energies to benefit one’s well-being.

In this second instalment, article, Raymond Kua, an experienced interior designer with professional fengshui mastery from The Design Practice shares some fengshui tips in what to look out for when choosing your new abode.

Location – Exterior (man-made landscape)

  • Keep away from places that are located near places of worship and hospitals, as they tend to have negative energies such as sickness and grievances.
  • Police stations and government bodies are not recommended as well as they tend to have a strong ‘sha qi’ (煞气); not suitable for sensitive and sickly people.
  • If you really must, it is highly preferred that your main and back door do not face these places.
  • Check that there are no sharp objects such as corner of buildings pointing into the unit.

Location – Exterior (natural elements)

  • Water bodies are good, as long as they have a flowing direction from source to downstream. Quality of water should be good and unpolluted to qualify as auspicious.
  • Reservoirs are good, but houses close to the sea are not advisable, as ‘qi’ is unable to gather.
  • Swimming pools are not considered as water bodies.
  • Units exposed to fast flowing wind (usually on higher levels) are unfavourable.

Unit location

  • Corner units are more ideal but avoid selecting a unit where the main door is facing the corridor end as it encourages ‘sha qi’ (煞气) to your home.
  • Corner units near staircases are fine, as long as the front door is not facing the flight of staircases. Laymen termed it as wealth rolling down the stairs, as ‘qi’ (气) tends to gather on level ground, thus unable to gather auspicious fengshui benefits.
  • The unit level has a minor impact, although the further you are from the ground, the lesser the energies you can tap into as less ‘qi’ (气) gathers.
  • Try to avoid situation of your main door facing another unit's main door as it tends to increase quarrelsome or conflicting energies.

Unit layout

  • Steer away from houses with ‘obstructions’ (such as toilets, storeroom and bomb shelters) in the middle of the room, as it blocks the energy flow within the home.
  • For HDB flats, avoid those with two main doors as it confuses the direction of fengshui. A fengshui master is unable to rectify this situation except to suggest using only one door and permanently closed the other.

What to bring for home viewing

  • A reliable magnetic compass into the house when viewing. If the needle swings haphazardly, e.g. a needle pointing North suddenly swings to South; it means the magnetic disturbance is too strong. It is recommended to avoid such units.
  • Your pets, or sensitive people like children or adults who are psychics or trained in meditation, should be able to pick up houses with negative energies.

In our earlier article, we mentioned that hanging 6-rod wind chime at home could dispel negative energies. If you chanced upon such an item at a resale unit, there is no need to refrain from buying that place as there are some homeowners who displayed it for decoration purposes. Instead, focus on the exterior and identify the negative sources outside the window.

While these tips are useful in general, there are many other factors that influence the flow of energies in fengshui. If you wish to integrate fengshui and interior design into your new home, contact The Design Practice through the Qanvast app today!

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Using fengshui in space and furniture arrangement can help create a more harmonious living at home. Read more about it in Fengshui Tips You Should Know For Your New Home.

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