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For Fancy Walls, Opt for Practical and Fuss-Free Wallpapers

The answer to getting a decorative wall isn’t paint or tiles, but wallpapers.

Have you ever felt that your home looked a little dull and lifeless? It might be caused by your blank walls. See, when you look at a plain backdrop for a long period of time, it tends to feel really monotonous. Especially if you leave them unadorned. And frankly, it’s a shame to let all that free real estate go to waste.

where to buy wallpapers for home
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Source: Craft Axis

Tiling or going over them with a fresh coat of paint sounds great… until you realise that these options require a bit of fine-tuning. And that can often lead to more top-ups because you’d need additional tiles or layers of paint. Measured to the right dimensions, wallpapers allow you to skip the hassle. Even its installation is fuss-free. In fact, don’t just take our word for it – we had Ohvola founder Lucinda Zhou sit down with us to talk about her own experience!

On wallpapering her home

Lucinda (L): My walls were actually painted more than 3 years ago. As time passed though, I realised that some areas were stained. It was then that I began looking for a solution to remove these surface imperfections.

where to buy wallpapers for home
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Inside the master bedroom, occupied by Lucinda and her husband.

That’s when I was referred to Craft Axis by a friend of mine. I looked them up on Instagram and browsed their online catalogue. It was quite an impressive collection, and there were a few that caught my eye. So I thought, why not? They’d certainly elevate the look of my home, and that’s what I wanted – an impactful change.

And it helps that the wallpapers from Craft Axis are VOC-free too. It gives me peace of mind knowing that they are safe for the entire family, including my daughter.

On narrowing down the wallpaper designs

L: Of course, I went down to their showroom to see the selection in-person. Honestly, I was spoilt for choice [laughs]. The in-house selection is huge! And that’d normally be a hassle to sort through, but Cecilia from Craft Axis helped to shortlist a bunch that worked well with my home’s theme.

where to buy wallpapers for home
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A closer look at the metallic wallpaper in Lucinda’s bedroom.

As my home has a modern minimalist look, I picked out a metallic print for my bedroom to go with.

where to buy wallpapers for home
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As a complement, Lucinda also picked out a subtler textured wallpaper to cover the adjacent bedroom walls.

The nursery wall, however, takes on a different aesthetic. While the rest of the house lacked colour, I wanted my daughter to have a happy room. That’s why I decided on a fun geometric print.

where to buy wallpapers for home
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Inside the nursery, occupied by Lucinda’s daughter.

My daughter’s been very intrigued by the stars and metallic lines on the wallpaper, so I consider that a win [laughs].

On installing the wallpapers

L: Installation is quick and easy too. It took around 2 hours to do up each room.

Most importantly, it was convenient. I didn’t have to shift my furniture nor move out while it was being applied.

where to buy wallpapers for home
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A closer look at the geometric and constellation wallpapers Lucinda chose.

It’s been about a month since the walls have been spruced up, and it looks as good as new. Even though we might lean on them, both wallpaper types are great at holding up against stains. And there are no signs of peeling or wear and tear either.


L: I used Craft Axis’ commercial grading wallpaper in my boutique store, so this is the second time I’m working with them. I had a fuss-free installation both times, and the sales-service is excellent. I really appreciate Cecilia’s patience. She really took the time to understand my style preferences before making any fitting recommendations.

where to buy wallpapers for home
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Create your own statement walls!

At Craft Axis, you can browse thousands of wallpaper designs or customise your own if you’re after a completely unique look. Shop in-store for 10% off all wallcoverings from now till 30 November only!

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