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For People Who Find Laundry a Chore, This is for You

May 7, 2018 · Paid Partnership with Samsung Singapore

While days of hand-scrubbing clothes may be long replaced by efficient washing machines, laundry is still a tiring and troublesome process! All that time spent waiting and figuring out the right wash cycle? Just no.

If endless rounds of laundry are making you consider a lifetime membership with a (pricey and inconvenient) laundromat, fret not! Turning laundry time into a quick, hassle-free process, the Samsung QuickDrive washing machine might just help you fall in love with it again.

1. Time, cost and energy saving

Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine

While not exactly a hassle per se, hefty utility bills* can be a downer.

Thankfully, Samsung’s QuickDrive washing machine is built to cut washing time by up to 50% and also energy consumption by up to 20%* - all without sacrificing on washing performance.

Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine

This is due to the machine’s ‘Q-Drum’ technology, which has a main drum and backplate that not only moves clothes from top to bottom, but back and forth as well. This dual cleaning action removes dirt quicker than most conventional washers, which only moves in one direction.

2. No more waiting and keeping track of laundry

Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine

After a long day at work, the last thing you’d want to do is spend valuable time waiting for laundry to be done! And no - leaving wet clothes overnight is not a good idea, unless you want soggy-smelling threads.

Making the most of your time (away), washing cycles can be remotely scheduled on the Samsung QuickDrive washer, via its Q-ratorˆ on your smartphone! Setting your washing cycle’s end timeª just needs a single toggle via the Laundry Planner feature; simply set it to finish just as you arrive home – so all you’ll need to do is to get those freshly washed clothes out.

Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine

(Psst! Forgot to throw in one more piece of laundry? You won’t need to wait for an entire cycle to be done – the QuickDrive comes with an Addwash™ Door that lets you add clothing, detergent or softener even when the wash cycle has started˜.)

3. Less hassle with figuring out the best wash cycle

Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine

Turns out, getting clean clothes isn’t as simple as dumping everything into the washer. Different fabrics, colours and dirt require different washing cycles. So much that it can be a science trying to figure out the right buttons and knobs to choose!

Save yourself the headache – Samsung’s QuickDrive washer also comes with ‘Laundry Recipe’, a feature on the Q-rator that recommends the best wash cycle∆ setting based on the type (t-shirts, knits, jeans, etc.), colour (white, dark or multi-coloured) and soil-level of your clothes. No more ‘bleeding’ or annoying fuzz developing on your favourite tops!

4. Reduces the need for maintenance

Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine

One more reason why a laundromat seems like a better option? Like all home appliances, there’s the maintenance side of things to worry about. Wear and tear is inevitable over time – but we get it, dealing with a faulty machine is on nobody’s to-do list.

So, what’s better than a washing machine that pretty much takes care of itself? The QuickDrive’s Q-rator includes the 'Homecare Wizard' that monitors and sends weekly reports on your washing machine’s condition, alerts you when your washer’s drum needs cleaning and provides quick troubleshooting support and how-to fixing guides if something goes awry.

Laundry time doesn’t have to be a chore!

Samsung QuickDrive Washing Machine

With the right tools, getting clean, fresh clothes can be convenient and simple! Great for busy, time-strapped professionals, parents (or anyone in between), the Samsung QuickDrive covers all your common laundry woes for an end-to-end, effortless process.

Reducing wash times by up to 50% and energy consumption by up to 20%*, the QuickDrive’s unique Q-Drum technology provides the same, powerful cleaning performance for less. Controlling your washer has never been easier too with Samsung’s AI-powered Q-rator smart function, which allows you to remotely start and stop washes, find the perfect wash cycle and provide helpful laundry tips for perfectly washed clothes – even on the go!

Samsung’s QuickDrive washing machines retail from $1,299, and are available at major consumer electronics retailer stores.

* Based on Intertek test results, Samsung WW7800M (QuickDrive™ system) saves up to 50% washing time and up to 20% energy as compared with WW6500K (conventional system), based on Cotton 40℃ course, half load (washing performance within ±3%). Based on Samsung internal test results, Samsung WW7800M saves up to 20% energy as compared with WW6500K, based on Super Speed Cycle 40℃ course, 5kg load. Tested in accordance with IEC 60456:2010, individual results may vary.
ˆ Requires installation of Samsung Connect app on compatible Android or iPhone mobile device, and Wi-Fi® connectivity to the mobile device.
˜ Only fabric items and clothing, detergent and softener can be added. The Add Wash door only opens only when the drum temperature is below 50°C.

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