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Forget Gadgets, These ‘Smart’ Home Fittings Are the Future

May 11, 2018

It’s easy to get tempted by the recent influx of smart home devices that promise to improve your life drastically by offering cool, effortless convenience that you could only dream of a few years back. But if you prefer to hang back and let these emerging technologies mature before committing to them, remember that futuristic home automation is not the only solution available to create your smart home!

An intelligent home is about a smarter way to live. And there are many facets to that. Check out these furniture and furnishings incorporated with clever ideas and modern technology that make life at home a little more comfortable, and a whole lot more luxurious.


Smart Furniture and Fittings

Credit: Amos Goldreich
Laminate: LS 0220FX Nero Ingo

Don’t get lured by low prices when it comes to furnishings for high traffic areas such as table tops. Investing in hardy surface materials like EDL’s Fenix NTM high-pressure laminate will save you a lot more costs in the long run as it’s more durable and easier to maintain than low-cost alternatives. This innovative nanotech material is great for kitchen countertops as it’s resistant to dry heat, hydro-repellent, and has antibacterial properties. And don’t worry about being too precious with it. Minor scratches can be easily erased with a melamine sponge or thermal-healing!

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Modular Sofa from King Living

Smart Furniture and Fittings


Recliners have a bad reputation for being as unsightly as they are comfortable. But if you want the best of both worlds, the King Cloud III recliner lounge by Australian manufacturer King Living is the way to go.

Video: Watch how it transforms here

Arguably the best-looking recliner in town, it has a minimalist form that’s packed with everything you need for ultimate relaxation: swipe-activated adjustable head, seat, and foot rests, Postureflex® seating for good support, and detachable smart accessories such as a wireless charging table.

Ori Robotic Furniture System

Smart Furniture and Fittings

Imagine how much more efficient an open-plan space would be if you had the desk, shelf, cabinet, TV console, and bed all condensed into one compact unit. The Ori Robotic Furniture system does just that, and more.

Smart Furniture and Fittings

Designed with modular robotics, this system can transform the space into an office, bedroom, or living room with its hide-and-seek components in seconds. You can even pre-set these configurations and call them up again effortlessly with a voice command or mobile app.

Tivali Mobile Kitchen System by Dada

Smart Furniture and Fittings

Great for (most) days when you don’t cook at home, and would rather have more fluid spaces to entertain, the Tivalì kitchen by Dada is a fully functional kitchen that exists in a standalone box, giving you the freedom to position and set it up wherever and whenever you need it in the house.

Smart Furniture and Fittings

The idea of a mobile kitchen may seem futuristic now, but would definitely be the way forward as smaller homes need its rooms to be multi-functional.

Halio Smart Glass

Smart Furniture and Fittings


Sometimes, the tiniest details can improve your quality of life. Kinestral’s Halio™ smart-tinting glass for windows aims to do just that. Depending on the weather, these intelligent glass panels can automatically block out solar heat and reduce glare, while still allowing you to enjoy the views outside. If you prefer to control the exact amount of natural light filtering in, simply control it via its mobile app.
Its neutral grey also means that it can complement any interior style.

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