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Found: 7 Hotel-Like HDB Bathrooms with Bathtubs

August 31, 2021

No need for staycays when you’ve got bathrooms like these.

Ah, to own a bathtub. There’s something so blissful about soaking yourself in a tub of warm, fragrant water after a hard day’s work. If you’re eager to have your very own bathtub in your HDB flat, it’s time to get inspired by these 7 beautiful bathrooms, each decked out with their very own bathtub!

1. An onsen-like bathroom with a stone-tiled bathtub | Yung Ho Road

Yung Ho Road by Dyel Design

Interior Firm: Dyel Design

Instead of a white bathtub, this HDB flat at Yung Ho Road uses a stone-tiled bathtub to match the rest of the home’s contemporary-industrial interior. That, combined with the warm wood materials, gives it a sleek, natural appeal reminiscent of an indoor onsen you’d find in a Japanese hotel. Bonus points for the similar shade of tiles used for the walls and bathtub, since it creates a seamless look that looks oh-so-pleasing.

Yung Ho Road by Dyel Design

Interior Firm: Dyel Design

To make things even more unique, this master ensuite uses glass walls for a modern, sophisticated-looking bathroom that looks into the master bedroom (and vice versa)!

2. A white-and-wood bathroom | Punggol Central

Punggol Central by Le Interior Affairs

Interior Firm: Le Interior Affairs

Fans of the classic white-and-wood theme, this one’s for you. While the floors and walls are all covered with wood-printed tiles, it doesn’t look overwhelming thanks to the pearly white bathtub, sink, and toilet bowl acting as visual breaks.

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3. A bathroom with a view | Bishan Street 24

Bishan Street 24 by Rockin Spaces

Interior Firm: Rockin Spaces

What’s better than enjoying a warm, comforting bath? Why, a great view, of course! And you can have both while you’re having your me-time in the bath by installing your bathtub along your window. Then, all you need is some nice music, your favourite bath bomb, and some wine to create the perfect area for unwinding.

That said, you’d probably want to consider fitting your windows with privacy films to ensure the view is only one-way!

4. A farmhouse style bathroom with a modern twist | Dawson Road

Dawson Road by Aart Boxx Interior

Interior Firm: Aart Boxx Interior

For a unique spin on the typical bright-and-airy farmhouse look, opt for darker-tone wood instead. Check this bathroom out for an example: the barn door and wooden materials creates the simple, rustic charm of a typical farmhouse-style bathroom, but the black accents and darker tones adds a level of modernity that is rarely seen in most farmhouse-style homes.

5. A luxe bathroom with a freestanding bathtub | Pipit Road



The homeowner of this modern bathroom shows that it’s entirely possible to get a freestanding bathtub in a HDB flat! To go along with the porcelain tub and sink, the choice of white marble tiles for both the floor and walls creates a luxe vibe that you may just never want to leave.



6. A bathroom with different wall colours | Yishun Avenue 9

Yishun Avenue 9 by Carpenters 匠

Interior Firm: Carpenters 匠

Bathtubs can be the focal point of your bathroom, and if you want to draw even more attention to the area, deck the walls out in a different colour. The bright blue walls in this bathroom stand out against the cool grey material, adding a pop of colour to an otherwise-monochrome bathroom.

The recessed shelves at the side are also a great touch, since they contribute some sophistication to the room while making it look more streamlined.

7. A relaxing bathroom with a cool colour theme | Woodlands Street 81

Woodlands Street 81 by i-Chapter

Interior Firm: i-Chapter

If your bathroom is blessed with a huge shower area, consider sectioning off the area into two areas: one for a bathtub, and the other for a shower, just like how the homeowner of this contemporary home in Woodlands has done!

Woodlands Street 81 by i-Chapter

Interior Firm: i-Chapter

For maximum relaxation, opt for cool grey and brown tones. They bring about a chic look that’s also soothing - great for quiet me-times in your bathtub.

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