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Furniture Shop Like a Pro in Bangkok at These 7 Stores

April 1, 2019

Bangkok, the gold mine of awesome and vintage buys at the most affordable price points. It’s a trip wasted if you don’t snag yourself more than a trinket or two – though those are fine, we have something much bulkier and heavier in mind. Yes, you’re absolutely right, we’re eyeing furnishings!

Game to interrupt your ready-laid plans to go furniture hunting? Here are 7 stores to cop a few things from the next time you’re in the land of smiles (you’ll be pleased to know that Chatuchak Weekend Market is nowhere on this list since everyone and their aunts and uncles know about it).

Toa Payoh East by D5 Studio Image

Interior Firm: D5 Studio Image

1. P.Tendercool | For the sustainable living advocate

furniture stores in bangkok

Source: P.Tendercool

You couldn’t be further from the truth if you think that P.Tendercool is no different from your average cookie-cutter furnishing store. The crew rescues wooden slabs from beds or floor seats and repurposes them, turning them into beautiful, bespoke tables. Each piece is unique, something that you won’t find in your typical department store. Fair warning though, these beauties are bound to set you back quite a bit (unless you’re willing to invest).

2. Timmer | For the lover of all things Scandinavian

furniture stores in bangkok

Source: Timmer

Think Scandinavian pieces with a twist and you get Timmer. A subsidiary of furniture importer giant Champaca Wood, Timmer specialises in creating compact pieces for small homes. Shop a plethora of thoughtfully crafted tables and stools designed to suit the needs of the everyday urbanite, a.k.a. you.

3. PLATO | For those who enjoy a little customisation on the side

furniture stores in bangkok

Source: PLATO

If you want a little more control over what you get, why not check out PLATO? Aside from the massive selection of furnishings available, the brand also offers minor tweaks in size or colour, great for folks that want to work some armchairs into nooks.

4. EGGWHITE | For the person with two left hands

furniture stores in bangkok


Hold up! Though their furniture may be easy to assemble and looks like something you can get from a certain Swedish brand we all know (and love), EGGWHITE should not be written off as a mere replica; every product they push out is made from locally sourced rubber wood to keep the business environmentally sustainable.

5. Yothaka | For the people who appreciate unorthodox

furniture stores in bangkok

Source: Yothaka

Which material is used in the creation of furniture? Most of you would have chosen wood as an answer. Not the brains behind Yothaka though! They are the ones who pioneered the use of water hyacinth in their manufacturing process – now that’s what we call an out of the box idea.

6. Ethan Allen | For the indecisive

furniture stores in bangkok

Source: Ethan Allen

To buy, or not to buy (furniture): that is the question. At Ethan Allen, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that you’ll fall in love with so there’s no hang-ups on your part. Say bye to the hesitation and plunge right into the large and stylish collection.

7. Deesawat | For indoor-outdoor furniture

furniture stores in bangkok

Source: Deesawat

Known as the saw milling specialist, Deesawat employs some over 200 workers to ensure the finest craftsmanship and highest precision in their products. You can get anything from hardy outdoor chairs (that can also be used to furnish your interiors) to stylish doors.

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