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Game-Changing Smart Fans To Beat The SG Heat

TVs, refrigerators, washing machines – ordinary household appliances are getting sexy tech upgrades, making our lives even more efficient and convenient. Hopping onto the bandwagon is one of the biggest game-changers yet – smart fans.

With increasingly erratic weather and high temperatures, upgrading your fan for some climate control will prove to be a worthy investment and perhaps even a necessary luxury. Here’s why we’re absolutely sold.

It turns on when you enter the room.

Smart ceiling fans have built-in motion sensors that save energy by automatically turning on for an instant cool. No switches are necessary when you’ve got a smart fan - they turn on when you enter, and turn off when you leave.

Game-Changing Smart Fans To Beat The SG Heat
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Or whenever you want it to.

You can even program the fans and lights to work per your schedule, turning on the lights when it’s time to get up, and just before it turns dark. With a wake-up light, maybe those Monday mornings will get a bit easier. And when you’re out of town, your home will look occupied to ward off unwelcomed guests.

It increases speed with rising temperatures.

Working wonders on warm humid afternoons, your smart fan will adjust as temperatures soar, increasing fan speed to maintain your cool.

Game-Changing Smart Fans To Beat The SG Heat
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You can customize your fans and lights.

Set and personalize various modes for maximum comfort. During the day, varying fan speeds that mimic cooling natural breezes reminiscent of the Bahamas or Maldives. And at night, enjoy an undisturbed sleep – gone are the days of waking up too hot or cold.

Plus, if you have multiple smart fans at home, you can conveniently group and manage them. All this is done through an app that lets you update product firmware every now and then.

Game-Changing Smart Fans To Beat The SG Heat
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You’ll save more in the long run.

While smart fans might come with a slightly heftier price tag, that might make you think twice, you’ll enjoy savings from its efficiency and technology in the long run. Imagine the hundreds of dollars spent a year on cooling and lighting that you could potentially save - switching to LED lights alone can help you save up to 30% a year on lighting costs.

If all this entices you…

Then, consider the sophistication of the Haiku by Big Ass Fans, an award-winning fan, handcrafted from premium materials such as Moso bamboo and aircraft-grade aluminum.

Game-Changing Smart Fans To Beat The SG Heat
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Boasting sleek, elegant, and whisper-quiet blades, it’s been dubbed “The World’s Quietest Fan”. Having been individually hand-balanced and tested in a sound chamber to ensure it won’t wobble, click or squeak, we can’t say we’re surprised.

It’s time we beat the heat in our sunny little island with the cooling magic of smart fans that promise to revolutionize our home experience.

About Big Ass Fans

Game-Changing Smart Fans To Beat The SG Heat
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As our name suggests, Big Ass Fans isn’t your traditional business. While the quirky name understandably garners a lot of attention, it’s the serious work behind the scenes that drives our continued success in industrial, commercial and residential spaces.

Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, we design, engineer and manufacture overhead and directional fans that range in size from 45.7cm to 7.4m (18 inches to 24 feet) in diameter. Unlike typical fans, Big Ass Fans couple energy-efficient motors with patented aerofoil designs, inspired by airplane wings, to move large volumes of air quietly and efficiently.

In 2012, Big Ass Fans launched Haiku, the reinvention of the home ceiling fan that boasts an award-winning minimalist design and revolutionary energy-efficient motor.

Big Ass Solutions Asia Pacific Headquarters
Showroom: 18 Tampines Industrial Crescent #06-07, Singapore 528605
Telelphone: +65 6709 8500

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