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Get More Use Out of Your Service Yard with These Updates

July 2, 2019

Your service yard can become a useful space with a few quick updates!

Despite its all-round usefulness as a general utility area and laundry room, the service yard is rarely a top priority for homeowners when home makeovers are concerned.

Still, while many overlook the space, these inspired service yards prove that there’s so much more potential that has yet to be unlocked.

46 Marine Crescent by PROVOLK ARCHITECTS


1. Build in more prep space

Considering how small service yards are (in general), installing a counter seems to be well… counterproductive. However, the inclusion of a work surface in your service yard is likely to make it more versatile and useful.

For instance, the addition of the countertop in this Yishun apartment provides a large enough nook to house a front loader washing machine and the worktop offers more space for other paraphernalia.

Yishun Ring Road by Aestherior
Yishun Ring Road by Aestherior

Interior Firm: Aestherior

Don’t have much of a service yard to call your own? Don't let it stop you from creating your own laundry area! Think a countertop niche that allows you to fit in a washer complete with nifty storage solutions.

Sunshine Plaza by Design 4 Space

Interior Firm: Design 4 Space

2. Optimising your space vertically

When space is at a premium, it always pays to look up! Besides adding a dropdown clothing rack, you can consider a stackable washer-dryer unit like so.

Bedok North by erstudio

But wait, before you go ahead, do double check the measurements of your allocated space as these appliances are fairly bulky!

Bedok North by erstudio

Interior Firm: erstudio

Alternatively, you could try build in tiny shelves into any recesses. This way, you'll have extra space for your accessories. Get a more seamless look by applying the same treatment throughout the space!

Telok Blangah Heights by KDOT

Interior Firm: KDOT

3. Creative ways to expand the space visually

Considering their relative distance to each other in HDB apartments, most of us treat the home’s service yard as an extension of the kitchen. For a smoother transition between the spaces, use a graphic tile flooring that extends from the kitchen into the adjacent service yard. This consistent visual motif will make the two spaces look one and the same.

St. George's Lane by Project Guru

Interior Firm: Project Guru

Then, swap out mesh detailing for glass windows to really brighten and create the illusion of a bigger space.

Sengkang East by EHKA Studio

Interior Firm: EHKA Studio

A galley-style layout works even better. Just think about it: letting your kitchen take over the yard means a larger cooking space. Moreover, tucking everything against the walls means additional legroom!

4. Introduce a splash of green

Although there are plenty of ways to doll up your service yard, the simplest method is use… that’s right, houseplants!

46 Marine Crescent by PROVOLK ARCHITECTS


If you have the luxury of a bigger service yard, consider including a shelving unit like the one found below. Not only does it provide easy access to all your laundry essentials, you can even house small potted plants with them!

Admiralty Drive by DISTINCTidENTITY
Admiralty Drive by DISTINCTidENTITY


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