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Give Your Feature Wall an Upgrade with this ‘Art Piece’ TV

A nice-looking feature wall isn’t just about wainscoting and a minimalist palette; your TV can be part of the equation too.

From sleek, minimalist structures with clean lines and subtle colours to eye-catching, one-of-a-kind accents, there is no lack of proof that Singaporeans are willing to spend a pretty penny to decorate their living areas and/or bedrooms with a statement-making feature wall.

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But while these examples show exactly what’s needed to transform a blank wall into a sensational structure at home, taking them to the next level calls for extra attention to an oft-neglected detail: your TV.

While the TV usually plays a bigger role in entertainment than in décor, one of Samsung’s latest Lifestyle TVs for 2019, The Frame, is set to change the game. Here’s how:

Samsung’s The Frame becomes a piece of art when on standby mode

Yes, The Frame offers a 4K TV viewing experience that you would expect of most Samsung TVs, but what makes it truly special is its ability to become any piece of art you want to it be when it’s off.

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When on standby, The Frame enters Art Mode, during which it’s able to display any one of the over 1,000 pieces of renowned artwork available from The Samsung Art Store* – think the likes of masterpieces from the Vincent Van Gogh Museum and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. If your tastes lean more towards modern-day art, there are contemporary pieces available as well, and not to forget, the option of showcasing your own photos*.

Essentially, Art Mode not only saves you the effort of having to customise a facade or cabinet that fits your TV, but also the hassle of looking for a painting to complement your space. If space is an issue, The Frame also allows you to put different artworks on display, without needing to occupy multiple walls.

Multiple ways to display The Frame in your home

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Besides Art Mode, The Frame also comes with various design-friendly features such as customisable bezels (available in black, white, beige, porcelain blue and brown)* which attach magnetically for easy personalisation, the No Gap Wall Mount that allows The Frame to be hung flat against a wall with no significant gap*, and the Studio stand* that will make The Frame look like a true centrepiece in any living room.

Meanwhile, the One Invisible Connection* makes cable clutter a thing of the past as it combines display and power cables into one thin wire – which is in turn connected to the One Connect Box*, the ‘brain’ that links up all of your external devices, such as satellite boxes and game consoles, to The Frame.

A smart display that offers a realistic and immersive viewing experience

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Just like how you would expect a real painting to look different at various times of the day, The Frame adjusts its screen settings based on the amount of ambient light that its Brightness Sensor detects*. And what makes such realism possible is Samsung’s QLED technology that offers brilliant picture quality with deeper contrasts, darker blacks and over a billion shades of colour.

An artistic TV that is truly connected to your devices, and also you

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Just like how art connects us all, The Frame is also capable of connecting with everything in your home, and that includes not just your personal devices, but also you.

The Frame is designed to make life easier as it can be controlled through the One Remote Control* that allows you to navigate compatible connected devices. Otherwise, if you prefer to go hands-free, you can speak directly to The Frame, which in addition to having support for Google Assistant*, also has its own voice assistant Bixby* that allows you to perform functions like changing channels, adjusting the volume and switching to Art Mode with just your voice.

Here’s how The Samsung Frame could look like in your home

Curious about how The Frame looks like in a domestic setting? Here are some examples from real-life living rooms on Qanvast!

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View this project by ELPIS Interior Design

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View this project by DISTINCTidENTITY

Bonus! From now till 6 November 2019, with each purchase of Samsung The Frame 2019, you will get a free customisable bezel, six-month CAST entertainment package, and 10 years burn-in-free warranty** – more details here!

*Detailed disclaimers apply.
**Terms and conditions apply.

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