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Give Your Home A Zero-Reno Makeover With 3M DI-NOC Films!

February 23, 2021 · Paid Partnership with Jetstac

This decor hack will give your home a brand new look in a snap.

Looking to spruce up various areas in your home? While it may be tempting to embark on a full-blown renovation, having to undergo a serious makeover means you have to deal with the noise, dust and other inconveniences over an extended period of time.

One simple way is to use 3M DI-NOC vinyl films to refresh your spaces. Stylish, versatile and superbly durable, these innovative interior finishes can make even the most outdated of spaces look good as new – no renovation required. Here’s how it works:

vinyl films for chipped, peeled laminates and curved surfaces

1. It works just like a laminate, but better!

So what exactly is 3M DI-NOC? It’s essentially a decorative surface that comes in the form of a self-adhesive vinyl film – think of it as 3M’s answer to your typical laminate and wallpaper applications. When it comes to traditional options like laminate, it’s common for the edges to get chipped or even lifted up overtime, especially with old countertops. While laminates tend to be rigid in structure, 3M DI-NOC Films are able to conform to a variety of curved surfaces for a more precise finishing with minimal joint lines. You’d never have to see peeled or chipped laminates again! And yes, it works on cabinets with rounded corners or uneven edges too!

vinyl films for chipped, peeled laminates and curved surfaces

Peeled and chipped laminates on the left versus DI-NOC Films on the right

Just like its laminate counterpart, the DI-NOC range also comes in a wide selection of designs, colours and textures to choose from – from industrial-style concretes to rustic woods and vibrant pops of colours – so you’re sure to find something that fits your desired look. What more, they are enhanced with a more durable finish that makes it resistant to water, stains and scratches.

2. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces throughout your home

The beauty of the 3M DI-NOC Films is that it can be easily applied onto existing laminate surfaces to replace outdated finishes. It’s also versatile enough to be installed onto most parts of your home. For instance, you could refurbish an old door.

vinyl films for chipped, peeled laminates and curved surfaces

Did you know that swapping out a fire-rated main door can set you back a pretty penny? If you’re thinking of giving your old door a new lease of life, consider the door wrap method with DI-NOC instead of throwing it out entirely (which ends up generating more household waste). 3M DI-NOC Films are a more sustainable and cost-effective solution that offers you the same aesthetic results, but at a fraction of the price of changing to a new fire-rated door.

For BTO homeowners, you can even wrap your doors to match your home’s interior style!

vinyl films for chipped, peeled laminates and curved surfaces

After: DI-NOC Films were used for the door and DB box.

Or you can use it to update existing cabinetry.

One major downside when it comes to built-ins is that it’s a permanent design feature that you probably need to swing a sledgehammer at. The good news is that 3M DI-NOC saves you all that trouble – just apply it and you’ll have a brand new cabinet without having to replace it.

vinyl films for chipped, peeled laminates and curved surfaces

If you’re up for something a little bolder, why not elevate the look with a unique ceiling design?

vinyl films for chipped, peeled laminates and curved surfaces

Applying traditional wallpaper onto the ceiling is a tricky and time-consuming affair, since glue is required for it to adhere well. Moreover, wallpaper isn’t exactly a good option for aging ceilings as it might be prone to cracks through the years. 3M DI-NOC Films make for a much sturdier alternative thanks to its self-adhesive properties, which ensures a fast and bubble-free application with stronger bonding power.

Likewise, it can also be used on walls, pillars, columns, panels and window frames.

vinyl films for chipped, peeled laminates and curved surfaces

3. No drilling and hacking required, plus it’s easy to maintain

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to deal with the massive amounts of noise and debris during the construction works. What’s unique about the 3M DI-NOC Films is that there’s no drilling or hacking involved; a dry application method is used to guarantee a painless and disruption-free installation experience. Trust us – your neighbours will thank you for this.

vinyl films for chipped, peeled laminates and curved surfaces

And you don’t have to worry about maintenance either! Surfaces that are wrapped with 3M DI-NOC Films are an absolute breeze to maintain – all you need is an occasional wipedown using a clean, soft cloth with mild detergent and water to keep it in pristine condition. As easy as that!

vinyl films for chipped, peeled laminates and curved surfaces

Revamp your home with 3M DI-NOC Films

A simple change of surfaces can instantly transform a space. Touted as a more durable and superior alternative to traditional applications, the range of 3M DI-NOC Films can be applied onto a plethora of surfaces to beautify your interior for a refreshed, vibrant look. Whether you’re jazzing up a plain wall or fixing up an old cabinet, 3M DI-NOC opens up a world of design flexibility and possibilities.

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