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Hands Down, These are the Dreamiest Bedrooms We’ve Ever Seen

May 3, 2018

We may often see the living room as the 'most important' space in a home, but truth is, the bedroom is where we actually spend the most time in.

Well, considering an average human probably spends 1/3 of his or her day sleeping in it - it definitely deserves more air-time! And these 8 dreamy (pun intended) bedrooms certainly live up to that philosophy - with stunningly cosy designs that'll put even 5-star hotel suites to shame. We won't want to get out of bed, ever:

1. Exuding a classic yet rustic charm is this elegant bedroom, which takes on a luxurious, golden glow thanks to its gold-accented accessories and warm lighting and neutral palette. But it's that eye-catching tessellated feature wall that steals the show. Doubling as a convenient bed nook - it's glimmering, reflective gold finish completely distracts the viewer from the bedroom's otherwise compact layout.

Feature Wall-1
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Feature Wall-2
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Interior Designer: Authors Interior & Styling

2. Not keen on playing with colours and patterns? Try switching up the texture instead. In the example below, the owners opted to wrap its walls with wood panels for a show-stopping look. Paired with the room's predominantly white palette to balance and keep things looking sleek and clean-cut, a portrait framed by the bedhead lends a personal touch to the space - adding a sense of comforting homeliness.

Landed Bedroom-1
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Landed Bedroom-2
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Interior Designer: akiHAUS

3. Complete with an open, walk-in wardrobe, relaxing daybed and plush bedding, this sophisticated bedroom ticks all the right boxes in nailing that boutique hotel suite look. Subtle grey wall panels, dove-grey bed fittings and warm-hued lights lend a calming air to the sleeping area. Meanwhile, the closet - with its dark finishes and opulent chandelier takes on a ritzy, cosmopolitan touch.

Open Concept-1
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Open Concept 2
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Interior Designer: Fifth Avenue Interior

4. As they say, 'simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication'. Emphasising on minimal detailing in the built-ins and accents, these otherwise set of 'flat' bedrooms are elevated into achingly chic chambers - thanks to the exotic, earthy African Juju hats hung across all its walls. Along with earthen pottery and natural-themed furnishings, it all plays up the home's beachside, relaxed vibe.

Hotel Suite-1
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Hotel Suite-2
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Bedroom Images
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Architect: [UPSTAIRS](

5. The best bedrooms are the ones that aren't cramped. And in today's homes where space is a luxury, having an open-concept boudoir is the best way to maximise every inch of real estate. In this Depot Road flat's bedroom, the line between the sleeping and dressing areas is blurred due to the lack of barriers. Built-in shelving systems enable easy access to stored belongings, on top of keeping the surroundings spacious and clutter-free.

Industrial Style-1
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Interior Designer: Goodman Interior

6. This light and airy Scandinavian bedroom has more than an open layout going for it. Here, full-height, floor-to-ceiling-windows allow natural light to enter unfiltered – casting a gentle glow on the bedroom's surroundings and making it appear larger than it actually is. It also helps that the rest of the bedroom's loose furnishings and accessories are also deftly kept to a gentle (and light-reflecting) palette of light greys, whites and pale woods.

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Interior Designer: Zenith Arc

7. An open-concept layout may be great for enhancing the sense of spaciousness in a bedroom, but sometimes falls short when it comes to ensuring the privacy of its (clothes-changing) occupants. That said, it's possible to have your cake and eat it. Just check out this bedroom with a sliding door partition that opens up to reveal a beautiful walk-in wardrobe, which comes complete with its own wall-mounted dresser.

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Interior Designer: akiHAUS

8. That being said, a comfortable, calming bedroom doesn't necessarily have to be all light, bright and ethereal looking. On the contrary, dark, sleek spaces that mimic the night work just as well in easing one into sleep. The trick is all in using the right lighting. Such as this edgy bedroom with its dusky walls and dramatic, dark-hued accents. Afraid things might look too cramped in a dark, room? Consider implementing glass partitions to create an illusion of openness (and to allow multiple source of light to filter throughout the space for an airier look.

Dark bedroom-1
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Dark bedroom-2
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Interior Designer: MMJ Design Loft

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