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Have Tons of Clothes to Iron? You Need This Steam Generator

This handy machine will iron out all your laundry woes.

“You’re wearing wrinkled clothes,” said no one ever. At least, not when you have a powerful iron that gets stubborn wrinkles out of your fabrics at a fraction of the time.

steam generator singapore
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Source: Tefal

Designed to make ironing less of a (weekend) chore, Tefal’s Pro Express Ultimate [+] Plus Steam Generator GV9620 comes with plenty of smart features for easy ironing.

We say this heavy-duty appliance is perfect for families with a huge laundry pile (especially uniforms) that they have to handle each week — here’s how!

1. Spend less time ironing with its powerful steam boost

As most savvy homeowners would know, the higher the steam output, the better your crease removal rates and the shorter your ironing sessions.

steam generator singapore
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While anything above 50g/minute would be considered ideal, this high-pressure steam generator bests it easily. Not only does it produce a continuous steam output of up to 180g/minute (including a steam shot of 650g/minute), it’s also equipped with an incredible high-pressure boiler technology up to 8 bars. This means that the GV9620 is capable of de-creasing even the most stubborn of wrinkles.

It even heats up at a record speed of two minutes, so you can get everything done quickly!

Plus, this steam generator comes with 5 pre-set settings, all located on the handle. You can easily adjust it to get the right steam/temperature combination as you switch between different fabrics.

2. Make fewer trips to refill the water tank

A handy feature when it comes to having to iron a mountain of clothes would be a generous water tank capacity. Tefal’s GV9620 Steam Generator, comes with a rather sizeable, 1.9L water tank which means you spend less time going back and forth to refill it (Note: the typical small handheld iron comes with less than 300ml water tank capacity!).

steam generator singapore
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3. Effortless ironing with Smart Steam and Durilium AirGlide Technology

There’s no need to fear scorching your delicate fabrics like your linens. Equipped with Smart Steam Technology, the in-built intelligent sensor recognises the movement of your iron to provide steam automatically when you move and stops when there’s no motion. You won’t need to apply pressure on the trigger continuously!

steam generator singapore
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Of course, the performance of any ironing equipment, including the steam generator, also largely depends on its soleplate.

The key feature in this particular steam generator is undoubtedly the ultra-thin soleplate. Combined with the new Durilium AirGlide Technology, the machine gives you a good effortless glide for quicker ironing sessions with longer-lasting effects for all your threads!

4. Keep all your clothes stain-free

Most importantly, the steam generator comes with a double protection system for total peace of mind.

steam generator singapore
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Designed to optimise your ironing results, the unique calc collector captures these tiny particles to ensure that your clothes stay crease-free. You won’t even have to descale it! All you need to do is remove the calc collector, empty it and place it back in.

That’s not all, the machine also has an anti-drip Protect System that keeps your garments wonderfully stain-free!

Get your ironing done in record time with this nifty appliance!

Thanks to the innovative features in Tefal’s GV9620 Steam Generator, you can just about make quick work of your pile of laundry. From delicate textiles to wrinkley linens, the machine streamlines the ironing process with automated functions, so you’ll get crisply pressed clothes every single time.

Purchase now at all major retailers for $799 and get a complimentary Tefal ironing board (worth $199), only while stocks last!

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