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Help! My House... Is Dusty

July 3, 2017

Clean smart, not hard.

You are not a clean freak or someone with OCD by any standards, but your home has definitely got you feeling like one. Dust pervades every inch of your space - and it seems like in spite of your countless spring cleans and scrub downs - it doesn't give your nose a break.

Truth is, there will always be dust (after all, they are partly made up of dead skin cells). But, if a dusty home has got you living in allergy-ridden hell, perhaps the answer lies in your decor and cleaning habits. Here are 9 tricks that'll keep dust-mites away - for good.

1. Use A Broom, Then Mop

Dust mites are sneaky, creeping into every nook and cranny in your space; even the crevices of your tiles or parquet! Loosen them out from these hard-to-reach corners by using a broom with angled bristles. Then finish it up with a damp mop that'll pick the debris up more effectively.

Dusty Houses

Interior Designer: KDOT Associates

Dusty Houses

Interior Designer: Asolidplan

2. Dust With Microfiber Cloths

Your worn rags or feather dusters merely push dirt around the house, not absorb it. To get the job done, invest in a couple of microfiber cloths for wiping surfaces. With millions of microfibres that allow particles to 'stick' onto its surface, the material is much more effective than some cleaning solutions! For extra 'sticking' power - use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe.

Dusty Houses

Source: Amazon

3. Cut Down On The Amount of Fabrics

If we apply microfiber's logic to our spaces, fabric sofas, curtains and bedsheets similarly trap a ton of dust due to its fine threads and fibres. Worse, they also create more dust as they shed over time. If you are particularly sensitive to these tiny particles, consider replacing them with materials like leather, plastic, laminates, or smooth wood veneers that are easy to clean and don't allow dust to settle.

Dusty Houses

Interior Designer: Linear Space Concept

4. Bag Up Your Stuff

It's not just about your furnishings - even your clothes (which are made of fabric) can run the risk of allergens like mold and dust clumps if unattended for a long time. If you don't use them on a regular basis - bag up your threads, shoes and accessories in nylon garment bags or ziploc ones, so unwanted particles won't get to them.

Dusty Houses

Interior Designer: Posh Home

5. Keep Temperatures Low

Bad news for Singaporean homes - dust particularly love moist, humid environments like ours, as it lets them 'stick' and accumulate on places easily. Airing your room has never made more sense; try and keep your space cool and dry by opening up the windows, letting the breeze in (and blowing those clingy particles away) and simply lowering temperatures.

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Dusty Houses

Interior Designer: Story Of Us

6. Check Your Vases and Planters

Sometimes, it isn't the dusty fabrics, dirty air-cons or uncleaned corners that are making you sneeze. But rather, your gorgeous indoor blooms. In particular, flowers like chrysanthemums or daisies feature a load of light-weight pollen which could be making your allergies work up. However, if you still like a little flower power in your balcony, go for allergy-friendly alternatives, like cactuses, geranium, phlox or roses.

Dusty Houses

Interior Designer: Urban Habitat

7. Change Your Air-Con Filters

While cool air does help to reduce the growth of dust, your air-con filters are a hot spot for dirt to accumulate. Why? Many of these filters are statically charged to catch dust and any allergens from contaminating the air blown out. So, make it a point to clean it out at least every month.

Dusty Houses

Interior Designer: The Scientist

8. Give Rugs A Good Beating

We get it - the soft fluffiness of rugs under your feet are to die for. But, its thick, wiry fibres absorb dust very easily; and each time you step through, you're sending those pesky particles up into the air. As a result, do give it a thorough vacuum every month or so, followed by a good beating using a stick or broom to push out any remaining particles the vacuum did not manage to catch.

Dusty Houses

Interior Designer: Third Avenue

9. Simply Have Less Stuff

Your mom wasn't lying when she said your messy room was dusty. The more stuff you have piling up or lying about a place, to more recesses, corners and openings you leave for dust to grow and flourish. The one way to really cut down on the amount of dust at home? De-clutter and organise. For example, stow your books or papers into boxes and folders. And for your collectibles - it might be better to place them in a glass cabinet than out in the open.

Dusty Houses

Interior Designer: 82

Good design will always be allergy-friendly

The right interior professional knows how to create a functional space that's easy to clean - and dust-free too! And we can help - simply request for a quote here, and get matched with 5 interior designers, based on your budget and style. All recommendations made will be covered under the Qanvast Guarantee, up to $50,000.

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