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Help! My House… Needs A Simple Makeover

Redecorating your home is never an easy affair if you are either tight on time, money, or both. But here’s some food for thought. What if it’s possible to makeover your house without completely changing its interior theme or breaking the bank? Here are some effective, pocket-friendly makeover tips that will breathe a fresh air of life into your home.

1. Get Rid Of Clutter

home makeover
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Interior Designer: Museum Homes

As the ever-familiar saying goes: Out with the old, in with the new. There’s no better way to refresh your house than clearing out your unwanted or old belongings. Whether it’s the old air purifier that you never use or that antiquated laptop that you have been hanging on to, discarding extraneous items will certainly help to reduce the amount of clutter at home. Better yet, if these belongings are still usable, consider putting them up for sale for that extra bit of pocket money.

2. Perform Simple Touch Ups

home makeover
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Even if your home is lived in, giving it a facelift doesn’t mean that you have to gut each and every room. In most cases, all you need is a splash of paint to fix up those minor blemishes or new replacements for worn-out or malfunctioning fittings. Swap out those yellowed fluorescent light covers for pristine ones or use a rug to cover up those ugly floor scratches to give your home a sleeker, tidier appearance.

3. Insert An Accent Colour

home makeover
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Interior Designer: Prozfile

Although neutral palettes are perfect for giving spaces that clean, immaculate look, adding on an accent colour is great for creating an interesting contrast within your home. Not too keen on repainting the walls? There are simpler alternatives that you can try out. For instance, adhesive wallpapers offer a quick way to add colour and pattern to a room, just stick them on and you’re done! The same applies for fabric add-ons like curtains or tapestries, which can be easily swapped out when it’s time for another interior update.

4. Look On The Bright Side

home makeover
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Interior Designer: Flipside Design

One quick and easy way to make your home look more welcoming is to simply bring in more natural light. Try it out and you’ll realise that it works wonders when it comes to brightening up otherwise dark and gloomy environments (both literally and figuratively). Other than throwing open the windows, adding reflective surfaces – such as glass, metal and other mirrored accessories – is another trick to maximise the amount of natural light entering your home.

5. Go Under Cover

home makeover
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Interior Designer: Poetus

Not unlike how stylish clothes make their wearers appear more attractive, getting new covers for your furniture and windows greatly improves their overall appearance. Tattered fabrics do not make for a presentable home, and neither do aged cushions or frayed sheets. As such, acquiring fresh casings is one quick fix that you will want to adopt, at least until you purchase a spanking new sofa.

6. Make A Statement

home makeover
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Interior Designer: Icon Interior

If your home appears too barren, you may want to think about adding a statement piece or two to give it a more interesting look. Paintings, photos and framed posters offer a convenient way of imbuing your home with a touch of style and personality. Alternatively, if you are feeling generous, getting attention-grabbing furniture is another way to create visual interest. Be it an ornate antique vase or a classy mid-century coffee table, unconventional (but compatible) pieces can create outstanding décor results.

7. Focus On The Living Room

home makeover
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Interior Designer: Asolidplan

As it is the first place that your visitors will step into, your home’s living room should almost always be the focus of a redecorating effort. Breathe life into your living room by working in your personal design preferences, such as opting for light tans for a cosier look or adding visual layers in the form of rugs or artworks. Either way, by concentrating on making over one area of your home, you will be able to achieve the very best with your décor budget, rather than splitting it across multiple rooms.

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