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Here's How a Sofa Can Make or Break Your Home Aesthetic

November 29, 2021 · Paid Partnership with OSIM Singapore

It seems simple enough, but there are still some things to consider!

If the living room has to be defined by a single piece of furniture, it would have to be the sofa. Apart from being a place to kick back and relax, it’s also an anchor for your desired interior aesthetic. Get a matching sofa, and you’ve got a seamless-looking home; mess it up, and you’ve got an awkward-looking one in your hands instead. Yikes.

OSIM uDiva 3 sofa

To help you avoid that, we had a chat with Dylan from Maxwell Interior Design as well as Valerie from Fifth Avenue Interior on how to choose the right sofa colour and configuration for your home!

A sofa is often the first thing you see when walking into a home. So, in your opinion, how does a sofa contribute to a home’s interior?

OSIM uDiva 3 sofa

Dylan (D): Due to its size, a sofa tends to anchor the room and determines two things: the basic layout of the space, as well as the vibe of the home. In terms of functionality, it’s one of the most used furniture pieces in the home, and provides an important seating area for relaxation.

OSIM uDiva 3 sofa

Valerie (V): Other than the size, the colour and material of the sofa also contributes to the interior. Fabric sofas are generally more relaxed and laid back, while leather ones tend to create a more modern, sophisticated look.

You’ve seen many houses throughout your career. What are some of the more common sofa configurations you’ve seen, and how do you think a single-seat sofa fits in?

OSIM uDiva 3 sofa

V: I think people usually get 2 or 3-seater sofas with an ottoman. Then, to complement the look, or to add a feature piece, they’ll also get single seat sofas. This combination works because regular sofas can seat more people, but a single seat sofa is your personal chair that is cosier and more comfortable.

OSIM uDiva 3 sofa

Clients would likely come to you for advice on furnishings that match their home’s look. In your professional opinion, what are the three most popular styles in Singapore at the moment, and which sofa colours would match each of these styles?

OSIM uDiva 3 sofa

A modern-contemporary home

D: For me, modern-contemporary is always trendy. Sofas in solid colours like brown and grey tend to match these homes easily, especially those that use lots of plant decor to amp up the soothing vibe.

OSIM uDiva 3 sofa

A Scandinavian-themed home

Other than that, Scandinavian and minimalist themes are timeless styles that people keep going back to. As they tend to use a lot of wood, I believe that grey and brown coloured sofas will also fit right in.

OSIM uDiva 3 sofa

A midcentury-modern home

V: For me, it’s the mid-century modern (MCM), Japandi, and modern-industrial styles. MCM homes usually feature lots of brown shades with occasional pops of colour, so I think brown and red sofas are great choices here.

Similarly, sofas with darker colours in brown or grey are suitable for modern-industrial homes, since they tend to have a darker colour palette. Japandi, on the other hand, typically have bright white-and-wood themes, so neutral colours like light grey are a better option.

When pairing a sofa with other furnishings, is there a rule of thumb for what colours and designs complement each other?

OSIM uDiva 3 sofa

V: Personally, I don’t follow a strict rule. For clients, I’d ask them customise the colours and designs according to what they prefer, but I do tell them not to have cushions and sofas in the same colour. Just make sure that they’re complimentary, and that there is a good balance overall.

Alternatively, you can also get cushions with patterned designs like tartan and herringbone to give your sofa additional visual interest.

You’ve most likely seen how people debate over getting a leather or fabric sofa. What are your thoughts on this, and which one would you personally go for?

OSIM uDiva 3 sofa

D: Honestly, it depends on personal preference. Fabric sofas tend to come in a larger variety of colours so the buyer can easily find a colour that suits their home, whereas leather sofas are luxurious-looking and will look good in most homes.

OSIM uDiva 3 sofa

V: My personal vote is for leather sofas. It’s not absorbent, and it’s very versatile, where it suits most homes regardless of style. I’ve even seen some people use leather sofas with wood or rattan armchairs, and it looked great! I think as long as you avoid mixing more than three different colours and materials, the combination you choose will work out.

A sofa that looks good in any home

OSIM uDiva 3 sofa

For a sofa that fits all aesthetics, look no further than the OSIM uDiva 3 Smart Sofa! Coming in elegant shades of red, brown, and grey, it’s one versatile piece (with 15 different permutations!) that will look right at home in your living room – or any room for that matter.

And with built-in features like a side table and USB ports, it’s the perfect companion for anything you want to do, be it to use your laptop or watch some TV.

Plus, it’s also a massage chair! Here are the main features you can expect:

  • Built with patented rollers for a full body professional massage
  • Ergonomic and adjustable backrest and footrest
  • Customisable experience via the uDiva 3 app

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