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Home Makeover Budget Hack: Japanese Flooring From $380!

Revamp at whim, without breaking the bank!

Looking to change up your flooring, but don’t want to spend a fortune? Hacking and redoing your existing flooring will definitely cost you, so here’s a budget hack for you: go with Japanese cushion floor sheets from Honpo instead.

These cushion floor sheets are essentially a type of vinyl flooring to overlay existing flooring, but softer and easier to install/remove - so much so that you can do so yourself! If you’re looking to revamp your space and fall into one of the following categories, you should definitely consider these Japanese cushion floor sheets as an overlay.

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For those on a tight renovation budget

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Moving into a new home or looking to ‘cover up’ any renovation regrets you may have about your existing flooring? From as low as $19 per roll (1m in length), these cushion floor sheets are one of the cheapest flooring materials available in Singapore. There’s no hacking or retiling required – simply overlay any existing smooth flooring surface.

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If you wish to save even more, you can do-it-yourself and save up to 50% on installation costs. As a ballpark, the total cost of overlaying an average sized HDB living room of 15m² is approximately only $380 if you DIY. A detailed installation guide can be found on Honpo's website.

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Should you prefer installation by a professional, you can of course reach out to Honpo for installation services – it would still be significantly cheaper than redoing your floors.

For those with slightly damaged flooring

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It may not be worth spending a lot to redo your entire flooring, particularly if damage is superficial with aesthetics being the main concern. As above, all you need to do is overlay your existing flooring with these cushion floor sheets from Honpo.

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Pro-tip: you can even use them as a decorative rug for just the part of your room that has damaged flooring, or have them double up as a yoga/exercise mat!

For those into home improvement projects

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Bored of your home interior? We don’t blame you – especially since most of us are spending more time at home these days.

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From realistic wood prints to mosaic mid-century modern tile prints, Honpo has over 50 aesthetic designs to choose from. Change up the vibe of your room according to your seasonal preferences with these floor sheets and get a sure sense of accomplishment from DIY installation!

For those with young children/elderly at home

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Unlike most other flooring options that feel hard and cold under foot, these floor sheets are backed with 1.8mm of shock-absorbent cushioning – a softer and safer flooring option for homes with elderly who experience joint pains, and young toddlers prone to falling. Your young ones will also find these floor sheets much more comfortable to sit and play on than other types of flooring.

For those looking for low maintenance flooring

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The vinyl foaming used in these floor sheets is water-repellent and anti-fungal, making them much easier to clean and maintain than ‘traditional’ flooring materials like parquet, natural stone and cement screed. Plus, there are no grout lines that trap grime, making them a viable option for kitchens and ‘dry’ toilets – simply mop to clean!

These floor sheets are also abrasion-resistant, and the cushioning prevents dents from forming. Talk about fuss-free!

If you’re looking to overlay your bathroom (‘wet’ toilet), you may wish to check out Honpo's Bathroom Sheets instead.

For those living in a rental property

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Just because you can’t do any renovation work doesn’t mean you can’t add personality to your rented space. These floor sheets are extremely easy to install and remove without damaging your landlord’s existing flooring. All you need is double-sided tape and a pen knife!

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Honpo is Singapore’s exclusive distributor for Toli’s DIY Japanese cushion floor sheets. Browse the full range by visiting Honpo's website, or head down to their showroom at 61 Ubi Road 1, Oxley BizHub, #01-31! Honpo is also well-stocked with over 3,000 rolls of wallpaper from all around the world, so be sure to check them out while you’re there.

Use the promo code ‘HonxQan’ for 8% off all Honpo products from now till 30 Oct 2021, valid for use on Honpo’s e-store store and quoting this promo code at the showroom.

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