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Home Reno Without Breaking The Bank

If you’re someone who likes the sophistication of luxe marble or the beauty of solid hardwood, yet reluctant to pay a hefty price for the real deal, laminates may be the perfect choice for you.

Fashioned to look like natural materials, they offer a myriad of stunning designs for your homes. Oh, and did we mention that they are easy to maintain? Below, we share what you need to know when choosing laminates.

What Are Laminates

There are various types of laminates with the most popular being high pressure laminates. These laminates comprise a top layer of decorative paper and multiple layers of kraft papers that are soaked in resin, and then bonded together under high heat and pressure.

Home Reno Without Breaking The Bank
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On wall: Ryo Shizuoka Oak WY 4252X, on bookshelf: Cuiban Palisander WY 5245D all from Lamitak.

Given the character of laminates, they are highly pliable and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces such as table and counter tops, wardrobe doors and feature walls.

Common Misconceptions

High pressure laminates are often confused with flooring laminates. The latter is a different type of laminate altogether. High pressure laminates are also often mistaken for the materials that they are designed to mimic, such as solid wood, granite, marble and even metal, however this is actually an advantage as they are affordable alternatives!

Home Reno Without Breaking The Bank
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On wall: Copper Patina DXN 4326M from Lamitak

What To Look Out For When Choosing Laminates


Laminates come in various finishes to suit any preference or taste. The more popular ones are those featuring textured finishes such as stone and wood grains that look and feel like the real material. Lamitak, a Singapore brand of high pressure laminates, is well-known for having ‘realistic’ laminates and there is a wide variety to choose from such as marble, stone, metal, fabric and wood grain.

The inspiration for these finishes is drawn from experiences of travelling around the world – from forest trails to busy streets, so as to get up close and personal with actual materials. For example, the Ramblas family was inspired by the streets of La Rambla, Barcelona’s pedestrian mall.

Home Reno Without Breaking The Bank
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On wall: Dario Ramblas DXP 1329C from Lamitak.

Details aside, remember to pick laminates that suit your needs and lifestyle. For instance, if you have limited time for cleaning, avoid selecting laminates with shiny, glossy finishes for table tops as they tend to attract fingerprint marks.

Vertical versus horizontal application

Some laminates have finishes that are prone to scuffing, and thus are suited for vertical applications such as walls and doors, instead of table tops. Conversely for horizontal surfaces, pick laminates that can withstand the intended usage. When browsing catalogues, look for the icon that indicates the laminate's intended application.

Professional expertise

It can be hard to visualise how the entire space will look like from the tiny laminate swatches. It is also difficult to ascertain whether the colours and designs will match the theme of your space. Hence, you might want to consult an interior designer for their expert advice.

Laminates are semi-finished products, and you will need to appoint an experienced contractor or carpenter for installation. It is not recommended that you undertake installation on your own as proper laminate application requires special skills and tools.

Home Reno Without Breaking The Bank
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On wall: Fico Florentina Marble DXP 4320G from Lamitak


Furnishing the abode of your dreams is an important task and it needs to be done carefully so that the end result is to your satisfaction. Hence, always choose trusted and reputable brands of laminates that are popular with interior designers, architects and space owners.


Before you make your final decision, check the warranty of the brand of laminates to see if what it covers (wear through, stains, manufacturing defects, etc.). Be sure you are satisfied with the terms and conditions of the warranty before purchasing. For example, Lamitak warranties its laminates for a period of three years under proper and intended usage.

About Lamitak

Established in 2001 in Singapore, Lamitak, a TAK surfaces lifestyle brand of high pressure laminates, is firmly anchored by its tagline “Inspiring Spaces”. Lamitak aims to inspire owners of abodes and spaces so that they can fulfil their desire for dream interiors. Lamitak has achieved GREENGUARD certification for indoor air quality, and Green Label Singapore certification for low emissions and low toxicity.

Lamitak. Inspiring Spaces.
Be inspired by Lamitak’s extensive range of laminates at

Image credits: Home & Decor (c) 2016, SPH Magazines Pte Ltd

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