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Homeowners Share Their Secrets for a Clean Bathroom, in 5 Minutes!

Minimum effort, maximum results.

We all want an aesthetically pleasing bathroom. But what good is spending so much money renovating it to perfection if it’s dirty or smelly? Needless to say, a bathroom’s upkeep is just as important as its interior design.

Magiclean bathroom cleaning products
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Photo credits: @hellohomebodies

And here’s a secret: a bathroom that’s spick and span doesn’t have to involve long hours of back-breaking chores. All you need are the right cleaning products and an efficient cleaning routine – just as these homeowners do.

Step 1. Find a scrub-free method to eliminate mould/stains

As a high-moisture area, the bathroom is prone to mould particularly along grout lines, drain edges and silicon linings. And in a well-designed bathroom, mould stains are like blemishes on a beautiful work of art – definitely not something you want. Not to mention, mould spores may also trigger allergies and respiratory issues.

Magiclean bathroom cleaning products
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“We are all for creating a home spa experience, but neither of us will be able to relax if we see mould or stains around the bathroom while chilling in the tub!” – homeowners Ruby and Kenny (@hellohomebodies)

Here lies the problem: because mould grows by extending roots into surfaces, it can be extremely difficult for most ordinary household cleaners to remove. And that’s why more homeowners are turning to specialised mould cleaners like the Magiclean Stain & Mold Remover.

Magiclean bathroom cleaning products
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Unlike your regular household cleaner, its strong penetrative foam formula destroys mould right to its roots to ensure thorough removal. All you need to do is to give mould-infested spots a spritz, leave it on for 5 minutes, and rinse – no scrubbing needed.

Magiclean bathroom cleaning products
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"I love the fact that I only need to spray and leave the product for 5 minutes and all the mould would just come off.” – homeowners Furry and Patrick (@furrychan)

After all, it’s having to scrub with all your might that makes cleaning such a back-breaking chore. Eliminate the need to do so, and cleaning your bathroom suddenly becomes a lot easier!

Time needed: Seconds (to spray).

Recommendation for maximum efficiency: Proceed to Step 2 and 3 while letting the foam set.

Step 2. Use products that do more than remove dirt

The toilet bowl is a hotbed for germs, and flushing alone isn’t enough to mitigate this. (PSA: In fact, flushing can release germs into the air when you don’t cover your toilet seat!)

The solution to this, though, is simple: the Magiclean Dual Power Toilet Cleaner.

Magiclean bathroom cleaning products
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The Magiclean Dual Power Toilet Cleaner is available in two scents: Ocean Fresh (left) and Forest Fresh (right)

Formulated with advanced R&D technology from Japan (you know you can trust the Japanese when it comes to cleanliness), it doesn’t just dissolve existing stains and kill germs in your toilet bowl. It also leaves behind a protective shield that prevents the build-up of stains and bacteria.

This protective shield lasts up to 60 flushes, and keeps your toilet in good stead until your next routine cleaning.

Magiclean bathroom cleaning products
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“We clean the toilet bowl once a week. With this product, all we need to do is spray, leave it for a few minutes, do a little easy scrubbing, and flush.” – homeowners Jacquelyn and Jayden (@jacquelynedna)

Plus, it’s designed with a curved neck so that you can easily reach hidden rims!

Time needed: Seconds (to apply).

Recommendation for maximum efficiency: Leave it for a few minutes to let it properly coat the interior of your toilet bowl while you proceed to Step 3. Then, end off by lightly scrubbing it off, and flushing it away (remember to cover your toilet seat!).

Step 3. Restore shine and fragrance

Magiclean bathroom cleaning products
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To keep her bathroom fittings like the mirror, sink and faucet shiny, homeowner Jacquelyn uses the Magiclean Bathroom and Toilet Cleaner

There’s no point investing in classy fittings for a hotel-like bathroom if surfaces end up looking dull and grimy.

Magiclean bathroom cleaning products
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For the rest of your bathroom, use the multi-purpose Magiclean Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner to remove tough dirt and restore shine where it matters.

Magiclean bathroom cleaning products
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“We like that it’s easy to use and we only need one product for multiple areas.” – Ruby and Kenny about the Magiclean Bathroom and Toilet Cleaner.

Simply spray and wipe-down in the following areas with a cloth:
- Faucet and sink
- Shower screen
- Exterior of toilet bowl

Magiclean bathroom cleaning products
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“Even brushed brass fixtures dull overtime and this brings the sheen right back.” – homeowners Ruby and Kenny on using the Magiclean Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner

And as seen above, the results are stunning. Plus, it leaves your bathroom smelling like a field of lavenders!

Time needed: 5 minutes (if you clean your bathroom regularly).

Recommendation for maximum efficiency: Do this at least once a week so that grime and stains don’t accumulate. As homeowners Ruby and Kenny poignantly put it, “Consistency is key!”

Quick and effective bathroom cleaning with Magiclean

To take your bathroom from grimy and gross to spick and span in minutes, look no further than Magiclean’s line of bathroom cleaning range of products. All products featured in this article are also effective in killing 99.9% of bacteria, keeping you and your loved ones safe in addition to making your bathroom look the best it can.

Plus, for a limited time only, enjoy up to 25% off on Magiclean and other KAO household brands like Attack and KAO Bleach when you shop on Redmart.

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