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House Painting Dos and Don’ts: Read This Before You Get Started

Refresh your space the right way.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your interior, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if things don’t work out as expected. Think subpar colours that look completely different from the brochures, uneven and blotchy finishes from poor quality paints… the list goes on.

Before you get started on your makeover, pick up some professional tips on how to achieve a perfectly smooth and flawless paint job — you can thank us later!

Do: Ask for colour collaterals

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With so many options in the market to choose from, deciding on the perfect colour for your space can be challenging. The last thing you want is to have your entire room freshly painted, only to find out that the finished product does not quite look like the colour you picked out originally.

To save you from doing extra work, be sure to ask for colour collaterals in paint stores. This will make it easier to visualise how your new paint will look like on the wall, without having to worry about the colours not matching up.

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With the new Dulux Promise programme, you can also rest assured that the paint colour you choose will match the colour as indicated on the latest hard copy of Dulux colour catalogue. That said, do note that paint colours can look different under varying lighting conditions, so it’s best to (physically) look at the collateral in each of the spaces you intend to paint.

(You may wish to download a soft copy of Dulux’s catalogue here (updated as at time of writing) for reference. Note however, that colour matching should be to the hard copy and not the soft copy.)

Don’t: Cheap out on supplies

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Poor quality paint can leave your walls looking uneven and patchy, so it’s important to choose a good quality paint brand like Dulux to ensure a smooth application.

What we love about Dulux paints is that it gives you a perfectly uniformed finish so you don’t have to deal with the patchiness once it dries up completely. Plus, the whole paint job will go on smoother and quicker — and look better in the end!

“But what if it turns out patchy?” you may ask. The good news is that you’ll get a free replacement* if the paint in question is covered under the Dulux Promise programme!

Do: Prep the surface before painting

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Most people tend to skip out on paint prep because it’s too much work, but doing so can result in a bad paint job as paint cannot bond well to a dirty wall. But if you want a more durable and lasting finish, it’s worth spending a bit more time prepping your walls before you paint.

To start, make sure that the walls are clean and free of dirt, grease and grime by giving it a good wipe down. Any cracked, flaking or peeling areas also need to be scraped, sanded and filled prior to painting. Once that’s done, just leave the walls to dry thoroughly — and you’ll get a perfectly smooth surface that’s ready for a fresh lick of paint!

Don’t: Forget to use a sealer

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Apply a layer of sealer on a clean and well-prepared surface before painting. This helps to seal the surface so paint adheres better and lasts longer, allowing it to continue looking brand new for years to come. It also works great on porous surfaces as it can help to recondition walls and improve paint adhesion. For best results, Dulux recommends painting with a coat of Dulux sealer before painting with a minimum of two coats of Dulux paints.

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On top of that, a good sealant keeps your walls safe from mould and water damage that come from high humidity. As an extra safeguard, you can also opt for an anti-mould paint like Dulux Pentalite to combat Singapore’s year-round humid weather. Equipped with Hygiene+ and Procover+ technology, this innovative formula wards off mould and fungus growth while giving you a smoother and fuller coverage.

Do: Calculate how much paint you need

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Almost done painting, but don’t have enough paint to finish the job? Buying an additional huge bucket just to fill up a small area would probably leave you with a significant amount of unused paint, but leaving that area unpainted is not an option either.

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Sample coverage indicator on paints

To ensure you’re never caught in such a situation, all Dulux paints provide clear indications of the maximum area coverage on each can of paint, as well as the minimum number of coats recommended.

To know just how much paint your makeover requires, refer to Dulux’s interactive online Paint Calculator as a handy guide! This way, you’ll know how many cans are needed, and you won’t have to go back and forth to purchase unnecessary cans of paint.

Achieve perfect results, or get a free replacement with Dulux Promise!

With Dulux Promise, you can enjoy a stress-free painting process with the assurance of perfect colour, uniform finish and coverage as stated for your walls. Otherwise, you’ll get a free replacement* of the product if it does not match what is advertised — just as promised!

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And to truly leave no margin for error, engage Dulux Painting Services to deliver a top-notch paint job for you. For more information on Dulux paints, hit the button below to find out more.


*Only valid for paints under the Dulux Promise programme: Dulux Ambience All, Dulux Wash & Wear, Dulux Pentalite, Dulux Weathershield and Duluxe Weathershield Powerflexx. Terms and conditions apply.

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