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Household Shelter an Eyesore? Not In These 7 Homes

July 22, 2021

Because no one likes it sticking out like a sore thumb.

The bomb shelter can be a headache-inducing area. On one hand, it’s a useful room to keep our knick-knacks - but on the other, it tends to stand out, no matter what the chosen home aesthetic is. And with all the things you can and cannot do with the bomb shelter, how then are homeowners supposed to blend it seamlessly into the home?

Well, get ready to take some notes, because these 7 homes highlight the different ways you can do so in style.

1. Conceal it with fluted panels

Jalan Tenteram by Image Creative Design

Interior Firm: Image Creative Design

As seen in this Jalan Tenteram home, the bomb shelter is inconspicuously hidden behind a sophisticated fluted wall. Open it, and it’s as if you’ve stepped into another world – one filled with rows and rows of Funko Pops, and a nice Spiderman-themed mat to complete this geek haven.

Jalan Tenteram by Image Creative Design

Interior Firm: Image Creative Design

contact Image Creative Design

2. Cover it with pegboards

Jelebu Road by Project Guru

Interior Firm: Project Guru

Instead of using carpentry or additional walls to conceal your bomb shelter, use a huge pegboard facade – which is exactly what this couple has done!

Jelebu Road by Project Guru

Interior Firm: Project Guru

The pegboard adds a touch of charm to an already-cosy home. One would see it as soon as they walk into the home, so it really gives a good impression to visitors from the get-go.

contact Project Guru

3. Use it as a magnet display board

Yishun (Block 316) by KDOT

Interior Firm: KDOT

Being made of steel, all bomb shelter doors are magnetic, which makes it a great place to show off your magnet collection. Whether they’re magnets from countries you’ve visited, or random ones you’ve picked up over the years, they add a nice personalised touch to your home, as it has done to this kitchen in Yishun.

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4. Build a shoe cabinet around it

Telok Blangah Heights by Free Space Intent

Interior Firm: Free Space Intent

You may not be able to hack your bomb shelter down, but you sure can build some carpentry around it. Take this Telok Blangah home for example – no one would suspect that the bomb shelter is hidden behind this blackboard-style door!

Telok Blangah Heights by Free Space Intent

Interior Firm: Free Space Intent

And that’s not all. Pull that door open, and it also functions as an additional shoe rack. Talk about being stylish and functional!

contact Free Space Intent

5. Make it the focal point of your home

Anchorvale Road by Carpenters 匠

Interior Firm: Carpenters 匠

If you’re not the type to hide away what you’ve got, here’s a daring suggestion to fit your equally-bold personality. Instead of finding some way to conceal it, make it stand out instead – by painting the walls around it in a vibrant, contrasting colour!

Take a leaf out of this home in Anchorvale. By painting their walls in a striking blue-green shade (and by placing their plants around the door), the homeowners have made the white-coloured bomb shelter stand out amidst the rural, apothecary-like vibes of the home.

contact Carpenters 匠

6. Paint surrounding walls in the same colour

Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 by Voila

Interior Firm: Voila

As the wise Queen Elsa once said – conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know. And now you know – one of the cheapest ways to disguise your bomb shelters is to hide them in plain sight. Simply paint the surrounding walls the same colour as your bomb shelter door, and it won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

We sure didn’t notice this one – especially since those vibrant blue counters drew all the attention!

7. Use it as a wallpaper backdrop

Bukit Batok West by Free Space Intent

Interior Firm: Free Space Intent

Another cost-efficient way to disguise your bomb shelter door is by pasting a wallpaper of your choice over it.

That’s exactly what the homeowners of this cheery Bukit Batok home have done. The wallpaper they’ve chosen is one of a balcony in Paris, and which almost seems like a gateway to the other side of the world. Ah, très romantique.

contact Free Space Intent

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