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How a Couple Turned Their 3+1 EC into a Chic Getaway for Two

September 23, 2020

Plus, they also added a walk-in wardrobe and a gaming room to make their home the perfect couple's nest.

iNz Residence by

Natural elements in Bernice and Bryan’s home include a bespoke live edge dining table as well as a lush garden wall in the balcony beside the living area.

When Bernice and her husband Bryan started hunting for a home last year, little did they know they’d end up with a cosy getaway that accommodates all of their hobbies and habits.

“To be honest, we didn’t do much house hunting,” recounts Bernice. “I was on a GrabHitch ride and the driver was telling me about a new EC development that had units with smart features. So Bryan, who was my fiancé at that time, and I were eager to check it out. Eventually, we decided to just get this 3+ 1 home, because we had already spent about two years balloting for Sales of Balance flats by that point.”

Singapore renovation Choa Chu Kang EC

The floor plan of Bernice and Bryan’s home.

iNz Residence by

Originally a general-use area, Bernice and Bryan repurposed this small but useful room into a gaming room by adding a storage/TV cabinet that’s inspired by the silhouette of a PlayStation 4 console.

What followed next was a two-and-a-half months long renovation helmed by designer Lucas, who was tasked with personalising the 99 square meters apartment according to the needs and wants of its new owners.

“Lucas’s help was really essential when it came to incorporating our ideas in a practical way,” recounts Bernice. “For instance, we had wanted to convert one of the rooms closest to our bedroom into a connected walk-in wardrobe, but we decided against it when he pointed out that said room is facing the swimming pool directly, unlike our current space, which is a little bit more private because it has a RC ledge in front of it.”

Singapore renovation Choa Chu Kang EC

The living (left) and dining (right) areas, prior to the renovation.

iNz Residence by

Interior Firm:

Likewise, it was Lucas who figured out how to give the home a personal touch by making a custom neon sign from the couple’s wedding part of the dining area. “This sign has special meaning to us and since it can last up to 30,000 hours, I really didn’t want to waste it,” says Bernice. “Lucas suggested doing up this mirror wall as a nice way to feature the sign and he also found a way to conceal the wires neatly behind a custom frame, which houses a little plug inside.”

iNz Residence by

Flanked on both sides by floor-to-ceiling mirror wardrobes, the walk-in closet is the perfect space for storage and for the homeowners to get dressed in the mornings.

iNz Residence by

For their suite-like bedroom, Bernice and Bryan requested for a custom headboard that would both bring out a swanky look and complement the dark built-ins which came with the property.

Seeing as to how Bernice and Bryan’s new nest has both modish style and well-thought-out functionality going for it, it’s no surprise then that the couple view it as “a home that’s also a getaway”.

“Since we moved in, every day feels like a holiday because our home has that chill hotel vibe that both of us love,” says Bernice. “It’s the perfect place for us to unwind in after work, and in a way, it’s better than having a staycation at a hotel because this space is ours and ours alone.”

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