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How a Love of Warm, Edgy Design Led to a Couple’s Dream Home

November 28, 2018

When couple Edwin and Chloe first started their search for a suitable interior style for their Sumang Walk home, they ended up being overwhelmed by the variety of choices available.

“There were just so many different homes that caught our eyes when we were browsing Qanvast,” says Chloe. “But we eventually decided on a mixture of Scandinavian and industrial design because it represented us best.”

renovation journey sumang walk Charlotte's Carpentry

To realise their design vision, Edwin and Chloe then hired Charlotte’s Carpentry designer James, who not only brought the couple’s dream home to life, but also provided them with a successful renovation experience.

Read on to find out how things went for Edwin and Chloe’s Renovation Journey!

renovation journey sumang walk Charlotte's Carpentry

About their home’s new look

Edwin (E): Basically, it’s something that is very close to my personality. Initially, I thought about leaning toward an industrial theme, but personally I felt that it would be too dark to incorporate effectively, even though it would be just right for an office. Most importantly, we wanted a house that is cosy, a place where we can unwind and relax.

Chloe (C): As we found out, the solution was to have a mixture of Scandinavian and industrial details inside our home. For example, you would normally have a darker floor if you want an industrial look, but in our case, we chose a lighter, greyish brown tone to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

renovation journey sumang walk Charlotte's Carpentry

About their thoughts about the renovation process

E: Because I am self-employed, I was able to be present at the site to witness the renovation process from start-to-end. I saw how the walls were painted, how the carpentry was done, how the flooring was laid; it was all a mess at first, but I became excited as I saw the final product coming together.

The entire process was also quite smooth, and the final result really looks like the 3D drawings that we received from Charlotte’s Carpentry at the start.

renovation journey sumang walk Charlotte's Carpentry

About their renovation challenges

C: It has nothing to do with Charlotte’s Carpentry, but we encountered some problems installing the invisible grilles that we got from a block group-buy. Even though we told the grille vendor about it, they failed to take into the account the clearance needed to install some carpentry that we wanted to have near the window.

renovation journey sumang walk Charlotte's Carpentry

On working with Charlotte’s Carpentry

E: Before choosing to work with James, I had met up with another two interior designers, but they were both insistent on implementing their own ideas within our space, even though we had clearly expressed ours.

James, on the other hand, listened to our requests, took the necessary measurements, and told us that he would see what he could do for us. And unlike the rest, he makes recommendations, rather than imposing them on his clients one-sidedly – that is what I like about him.

C: Throughout the renovation, James was always on the ball. It was very easy to reach him for updates. Even if he is busy, he would always get back to us within the hour.

renovation journey sumang walk Charlotte's Carpentry

On their favourite spots at home

E: I think I like my bedroom best, mostly because it reminds me of the time that we stayed at Hotel Jen. It’s not the exact same experience but walking into this space feels like I am stepping foot into a suite. Here, I am ready to relax, ready to unwind.

C: For me, it’s definitely the hidden vanity in the wardrobe. When we have friends over, I can hide all my mess in there, plus it prevents dust from getting all over my belongings.

renovation journey sumang walk Charlotte's Carpentry

On their main takeaway from this Renovation Journey

E: Our biggest takeaway is that homeownership isn’t easy. I remember the times where I sat outside the corridor from 9am to 6pm to keep a look out for any problems and to assist the work team where possible. Because of all the fittings that the house needed, they often had to consult me on where best to install them.

Both Chloe and I really did out best to make this house what we wanted, and that meant doing what was necessary and taking on the responsibility of ensuring that things turned out well.

renovation journey sumang walk Charlotte's Carpentry

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