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How to Brew the Perfect Cuppa with a… Water Purifier?

It’s no big secret. The essentials of making the perfect coffee are pretty simple: All you need are your favourite beans (or for tea lovers, leaves) as well as some good, clean H2O.

And while it’s indeed safe to drink from the faucet in Singapore, preparing your daily dose of caffeine using raw tap water is inadvisable at best. Aside from the unpleasant ‘metallic’ taste that’ll certainly affect the quality of your brew, there’s also the chance of ingesting pipe debris along with your drink.

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Instead, consider using the Ruhens WHP-760, a water purifier that provides a healthier alternative – and by that we mean clean, filtered water (read: free of chemicals and sediments), heated to the right temperature to bring out the full strength of your favourite brew.

Effective Triple Filter System

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What gives the WHP-760 its water purifying capabilities is a trio of specialised filters that aid in removing common water contaminants – including but not limited to microorganisms, bacteria, fine particles as well as chemicals, like chlorine – which you certainly don’t want mixed in with your cuppa.

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(Left, unfiltered tap water with a lower pH value (higher acidity, orange) and right, water that has been passed through the WHP-760 (higher alkalinity, purple) with a higher pH value)

More importantly, these internal filters also aid in reducing the level of acidity in your drinking water – which will certainly come in helpful if you’re the type of person who suffers unpleasant physical reactions, such as heartburn and stomach ache, after consuming your morning coffee (by nature, an acidic drink).

Designed with Hygiene in Mind

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Clean, high alkalinity drinking water isn’t the only benefit that the WH-760 has to offer. As one of Ruhens’ latest water purifier, it does its job as well as (if not, better) than competing models because of its tankless design.

Much like tankless shower heaters, the WHP-760 doesn’t store hot water inside of a built-in chamber for future use. Instead, it heats water only when necessary. The advantages are two-fold: no power is consumed to keep water heated internally and users won’t have to deal with the risk of tank contamination from stagnant water.

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Helping this hygienic design are various detachable components, which make cleaning the WHP-760 convenient; these include a detachable hygiene guard/nozzle as well as a base tray that can be removed to accommodate taller bottles or jugs.

More User-Friendly Features

Equally thoughtful in design is the WHP-760’s user-friendly touch panel. Aside from being tilted slightly at a 10 degrees angle for easy reading, it also comes equipped with backlights, a single-touch safety lock button, and even a light sensor that conserves power by shutting down heating and cooling functions at night.

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But that’s not all, using the panel, you’re free to control the flow and temperature (from an ice-cold 4°C to as high as 85°C, OR 95°C with the ‘boost’ function) of the water that’s being dispensed – a feature which will doubtlessly prove handy whether you need an iced coffee, hot mocha or just a refreshing drink.

For more information about Ruhens’ products, such as the Singapore-exclusive WHP-760 (Black), visit their website at www.ruhens.com.sg or pay a visit to their showroom at 8 Ubi Road 2, #01-06 Zervex Building, S408538.

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