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How To Choose Bed Sheets For A Restful Sleep

Did you know you’ll spend at least 25 years of your life in a blissfully insentient state? Being selective about your bedsheets can help you achieve a more restful and restorative sleep - our partners from lifestyle brand, IUIGA, share what really matters when it comes to choosing the perfect bed sheets.

How To Choose Bed Sheets Linens
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Does Thread Count Matter?

Higher thread count, better quality? An assumption that seems logical, but might not necessarily hold water.

The notion of labelling thread count on bedlinen came about in the early 2000s, when manufacturers introduced the first 1,000-plus thread count to stand out in a highly competitive market. Since then, thread count has been used as the sole indicator of bedlinen quality.

How To Choose Bed Sheets Linens
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But according to Consumer Reports, the sweet spot for bedding linen thread count is 280, and to get a whooping 1000, some manufacturers employ creative math to inflate numbers.

Even worse, other manufacturers choose to replace normal threads with ultra-thin ones which may break more easily!

How To Choose Bed Sheets Linens
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If thread count doesn’t matter, then what does?

While thread count does not guarantee luxury, here are some other factors that do:

1. Chemical-free: Most bedsheets undergo chemical processes to prevent additional wrinkling. While wrinkly sheets may not be aesthetically appealing, subjecting your sheets to artificial chemicals might be harmful to your body.

2. Fibre: Majority of fibers in bedsheets are made from cotton; some good quality fiber options for consideration include organic cotton and cotton polyester.

Cotton As Our Go-To

How To Choose Bed Sheets Linens
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One of the best materials to consider for your bedlinen is cotton, which has many excellent qualities for sleeping. Here are some reasons why:

1. Moisture Wicking: First and foremost, cotton is a terrific moisture-wicking agent. It sucks up moisture and thereby keeps you warm in colder temperatures, and cool in warmer temperatures.

2. Breathability: Due to its diaphanous nature, cotton is extremely breathable and comfortable for your skin. No more feelings of clogged or trapped heat in the middle of the night!

3. Sheer Softness: Cotton is one of the softest fabrics in the world, infusing your sleeping experience with a touch of plushness and luxury.

Types of Cotton Bed Linens

1. Washed Cotton

How To Choose Bed Sheets Linens
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Seamless Checkered Quilt Cover Set by IUIGA

Woven from pure cotton fabric, it’s endowed with an especially soft colour and texture. Extremely breathable and absorbent, it is also resistant to deformation and fading. The best part? No ironing needed! Plus, it’s perfect for our tropical climate, offering better sweat and oil absorption, circulation and comfort.

2. Cotton Jersey

How To Choose Bed Sheets Linens
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Pencil Striped Quilt Cover Set by IUIGA

Constructed out of a special tri-blend of wool, cotton and synthetic fibres, cotton jersey bedlinen is machine-knit with a very small grain for warmth, while retaining a high level of breathability and moisture-wicking ability, making cotton jersey more suitable if you sleep in air-conditioned or cold climates.

This article was contributed by IUIGA, a direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand based in Singapore.

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