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How to Decorate Your Home Like An Instagram Pro

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After spending tons of money on your renovation in making your home look cosy and stylish, we would all want to share the results of our hard work through beautiful photos of the place. Here's how you can do it. Hashtags and pretty filters aside, if you house already has the perfect look then consider the quest for likes half won! Here are 5 simple tricks to decorating your house into an amazing Instagram-worthy apartment!

1. Lights for Likes

Lights are a necessary fixture in homes, but choosing them with an anything goes attitude is the last thing you should do. That is because lights do a multitude of things: keep your home illuminated, set the right ambience, and give you the flexibility of switching up the look of your home with the wide variety of light fixtures available. Don't be afraid to experiment with offbeat lights to create an extremely 'Instagrammable' apartment.

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Interior Designer: Hall Interiors, DistinctIdentity

2. Take a Cue from Your Favourite Filters

We’re sure that everyone has a favourite filter that they swear by for making their photos pop, but filters can totally be used as inspiration for decorating your apartment too. These uber-chic apartments show us how to do it, and it’s all about using a unified colour palette to create the impression that you’re looking at it through soft Instagram filers—Gingham and Reyes, anyone?

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Interior Designers: Flipside Design, DistinctIdentity

3. Prep for that Perfect #Shelfie

It’s all about coordination when it comes to working the best side of your shelves. Sure, it might be tempting to want to put all your favourite knick-knacks on display, but that’s a big no-no if you’re trying to go for that effortlessly pulled-together #shelfie that gets all the likes on Instagram. Utilise shelf space wisely, and take your time to carefully curate a collection that looks visually harmonious when displayed.

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One popular trick that Instagram pros pull for the perfect #shelfie is to arrange books by colour, which is also a really therapeutic thing to do to relieve all that weekday stress.

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Interior Designers: Omus Living, AD.I.WRKS

4. The Versatility of White

White is a foolproof colour, and when paired with lots of natural light and floaty curtains, together they are practically an unbeatable combination that will get all the likes on Instagram. Maybe it’s the way they remind us of breezy beachside villas and romantic holidays, but whatever it is, if you love simple and uncluttered spaces, then this is definitely the look that you should go for! All you need are clean, white walls for that bright and airy apartment vibe, and soft, filmy curtains that allow natural light to flood the room.

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Interior Designer: Omus Living

5. Wall Appreciation

Never overlook the walls of your apartment, because, cool cats, this is how you make an apartment radiate with urban sophistication. The unfinished brick statement wall screams too-cool-to-care, and is also the perfect backdrop for those rebellious #OOTDs. Instagram pros never waste an opportunity to make something look even better, so if you’re going to live life surrounded by walls, why not be bold and go for something stylish to stare at?

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Interior Designer: Versaform

Walls can be used as blank canvases for telling a story, which makes it great for creating an immediate attention grabber that will steal the breath of anyone who enters your house. This apartment’s air well not only keeps the house well ventilated, it also has a feature wall depicting a Biblical scene with a gorgeous stained glass effect simply by using coloured tiles. Now that’s what makes people whip out their phones to capture a photo for Instagram.

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Interior Designer: Museum Homes

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