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How to Get the Right Laminates for Your Home

No more basing decisions off a tiny catalogue sample!

Of all the materials you’d be using in your new home, laminates are arguably the most important. From the feature wall to your built-ins, their application flexibility makes them the quintessential renovation material.

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Source: Lamitak

However, finding the right fit for your home is far from easy. Don’t expect to find accurate swatches off photographs or tiny catalogue samples – what you see might not be what you get in the end. And therein lies the problem: If you end up regretting your laminate choices, it’ll pose a lot of problems down the road.

So, is there a way to see how laminates apply in real life or in a home setting before settling for one? Yes, and you can experience it at the Lamitak Studio!

1. View in different lighting conditions

Laminates look different depending on the time of day. While the effect may look great at noon under natural sunlight, it might not be as appealing in the night with artificial light. And that’s because the lightning in your home changes gradually as time passes, affecting how they look.

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To account for that, Lamitak Studio’s Material Library has panels where users can pull out and rotate the samples, a full 360°! As the panel swings, the way the light hits will shift too, making it all the easier to pick ones that won’t be too dark or light for your own interiors.

Of course, your home’s lighting plan matters too. If you have mood lighting in your bedroom, it’s best to look at a swatch under the same lighting for better accuracy. That’s why the showroom is also equipped with a lightbox that imitates the four common light settings: cool white, warm white, cool yellow and warm yellow. It’s easy-to-use too: Simply place your selected door tile sample to see what it’d look like at different temperatures.

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Marmo Classico under Lamitak Studio’s in-house lightbox.

2. Get a better look at textures and patterns

Sticking to one laminate throughout the home can lead to an uninspired look. Which is why it’s common practice to mix-and-match them to add depth and dimension. But, how would you go about picking out complementary ones if you have no prior experience?

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The door tile samples you find at Lamitak Studio (over 450 of them!) are all cut down to size in a 10cm by 10cm format. This makes them so much easier to hold as you move through the showroom or slide the displays around to look for the perfect match. Beats having to continuously flip a catalogue from back to front and getting lost in the pages, for sure.

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In the event that you need a bigger sample, you’d be glad to know that laminates in the Material Library are available in a 90cm by 240cm panel. Remember, these sheets are all affixed to a special tracking system; you can slide them out to view everything from the finish down to the pattern/texture intricacies. Because you’ll be getting the full effect, it’s easy to pick out the one that looks best for your home.

3. See them in a home set-up, virtually

Of course, nothing beats looking at how laminates apply in real life. That’s why it’s important to have a 3D drawing.

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But why would you wait for ID to render it, when you can do it yourself at Lamitak Homes? While you’re not exactly able to input your own set-up into the system at the moment, the program still has four preset abodes, each with a different size and theme. Namely, an industrial 3-room flat, Japandi/Contemporary 4-room apartments, plus a modern luxe 5-room home that you can work with to get a better look.

Most importantly, you’ll have the entire Lamitak catalogue at your disposal. Simply pick out your favourites, place them on the touchscreen surface to project the selection and change the design!

Make finding laminates easy from the get-go!

From specially curated moodboards to inspire your next makeover to the abovementioned, Lamitak Studio has something for everyone – even for those who’re still in the early phases of renovating.

And the showroom’s at CT Hub 2, 114 Lavender Street, #01-61 just a minute’s walk away from Bendemeer station. Really, shopping for laminates has never been this convenient!

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