How To Make Better Use Of Your Home’s Service Yard

January 30, 2018

Despite its all-round usefulness as a general utility area and laundry room, the service yard is rarely a top priority for homeowners when it’s time for an interior makeover. This shouldn’t come as a total surprise, however, considering that service yards are more about practicality than looks.

In any case, that you shouldn’t stop you from realising the fullest potential of your home’s service yard – if not in form, then in function. Not sure how to get started? Then check out these real-life ideas from Singapore homes for some inspiration on how to transform your service yard into a useful, clutter-free space.

1. Create More Prep Space

efficient service yard

Considering how tight service yards typically are, it’s natural to think that installing a counter in the area would be well… counterproductive. But on the contrary, having an additional surface in your service yard is likely to make it more versatile and useful.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this Punggol apartment. Here, a sturdy countertop and built-in shelves for condiment bottles allow the service yard to be used as a food preparation area. And this certainly helps seeing how that one side of the kitchen is entirely taken up by storage solutions.

efficient service yard

Interior Designer: KDOT

efficient service yard

Interior Designer: Fifth Avenue Interior

Don’t have much of a service yard to call your own? Create your own laundry area like this kitchen, with a countertop niche that’s able to fit in a dryer and washer underneath for an organised look.

2. Maximise Vertical Space

When space is at a premium, it always pays to look up! But, there’s more to maximising your tiny service yard’s vertical space than adding a dropdown clothing rack. Take inspiration from this Bukit Panjang home; storage bins and shelves are installed on single wall face to stow away foodstuffs, accessories and more.

efficient service yard

Interior Designer: Charlotte's Carpentry

Alternatively, make way for more room in your service yard by opting for a stackable washer-dryer unit. However, do take note that both appliances are fairly bulky on their own, and can chew up a decent amount of walkway space. Double check the measurements of your allocated area to make sure you have enough wiggling room.

efficient service yard

Interior Designer: The Local INN.terior

The same applies for shelves as they are great for keeping frequently used objects within reach. And chances are, you’ll find that to be the case for service yards with plenty of vertical space to spare.

efficient service yard

Interior Designer: Starry Homestead

But what about using them as partitions? While you may not have thought of such an idea, the designers of this Telok Blangah apartment most certainly did. Here, a see-through storage shelf for various kitchen accessories serves as a physical divider, yet allows natural light to pass through freely and brighten up the inside.

3. Make Sure Things Flow

Considering their relative distance to each other in HDB apartments, treating your home’s service yard as an extension of the kitchen almost seems like the natural thing to do. And even if you aren't keen on knocking down the walls, it’s still possible to make both spaces look as though they are one and the same.

efficient service yard

Interior Designer: The Scientist

In this Marine Drive home, walls of graphic tiles extend from the kitchen into the adjacent service yard to create a consistent visual motif, whereas a built-in microwave nook and an island allow the space to double as a cosy breakfast corner.

efficient service yard

Interior Designer: Space Atelier

Similarly, combining your kitchen and service yard with a galley-style layout creates better flow between both spaces.

Just think about it: letting your kitchen take over the yard means you’ll be getting a more spacious cooking space, and you’ll no longer have to struggle with two separate zones that are too small for your needs. Moreover, keeping everything tucked against the walls (or underneath the countertop like this washing machine) with a galley-style layout means you’ll be getting additional walkway space and an overall neater interior.

4. Exercise Your Green Fingers

Although there’s much that you can do to make a service yard look good, the simplest way to accomplish this is through exercising your green fingers.

efficient service yardefficient service yard

Interior Designer: D Initial Concept

Not using the laundry hanging system in your service yard? These handy fixtures also provide a great way to hang potted plants. Simply lower the rods when it is watering time and then raise them back up to ensure your plant babies receive sufficient sunlight all day long.

efficient service yard

Or simply turn it into the highlight of your open-plan kitchen with lush greens framing the entire expanse of your service yard, like this stylish HDB in Bukit Panjang.

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