How To Replicate An Urban-Loft Look In Your Condo 26

How To Replicate An Urban-Loft Look In Your Condo

January 10, 2017

Skip the 19-hour flights and exorbitant property fees - you can take a bite out of the Big Apple, right at home! With a blend of edgy industrial grit and polished sophistication, these 6 stunning homes are exactly what you would expect an achingly cool apartment would look like in New York. Interior dreams come true? Definitely.

1. Cool and casual, this two-bedroom condo looks straight out of an artist's studio in New York's SOHO neighbourhood with its eclectic collection of art. Pops of colour like turquoise, orange and cobalt are a nice contrast against the stark finish of cement and wood. Not sure what to do with a plain wall? Why not treat them like canvas for cool graphic art, just like the bedrooms here.

Interior designer: Co. Prozfile Design
Location: Cityscape Farrer Park
Renovation Cost: $80,000

2. We’d expect urban homes in Manhattan to have a raw, industrial feel – pretty much like this house in Singapore. The brick feature wall fits right into the whole minimalist studio-apartment, while exposed ceiling beams give it an edgy touch. The kitchen is definitely the show-stopper here with its brick island, cement walls and that absolutely cool storage space that's made from a metal grille.

Interior designer: Linear Space Concepts
Location: Horne Road
Renovation Cost: $200,000

3. It’s all about creating a cosy abode but still having an element of modern class. With its dark leather upholstery and artsy black-and-white framed photos, the living room feels elegant and sophisticated. We like the wall-less concept and large panelled windows that give this apartment an illusion of space.

Architect: De Exclusive Design Group
Location: Segar Road
Renovation Cost: $47,000

4. The first thing that caught our eye about this condo is its floor-to-ceiling panel windows. An iconic element found in many Manhattan skyscrapers, the expansive glass lets natural light flush in, giving the apartment a bright, illuminated look. Coupled with sleek designer furniture, glossy homogenous tiles and black-and-white accents, this family home looks decidedly posh.

Interior designer: Icon Interior Design
Location: Regent Heights
Renovation Cost: $90,000

5. A sophisticated, muted home ticks all the right boxes for an upscale Fifth Avenue abode. Soft leathers contrast against rough rock textures, eliciting an intimate yet masculine look. Meanwhile, dark, greyish shades set a metropolitan feel, alongside cement flooring and cosy cove lights.

Interior designer: Architology Interiors
Location: Regent Park

6. With its minimalist approach and designer elements, this apartment looks like a bachelor pad situated in the Financial District. Wood and black slabs lead the way for a refined approach while exposed bricks in the bath areas give it an hip, industrial feel. We can’t get enough of the split-level island in the kitchen; it’s almost too pretty to eat or cook in.

Interior designer: In Expat
Location: Moonstone Lane
Renovation Cost: $140,000

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