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How Well Your Home Built-Ins Work Depends on These Fittings

March 29, 2019 · Paid Partnership with Boxx Euro

They may be out of sight but keep them out of mind at your own peril.

When it comes to outfitting a kitchen, bedroom, or just about any space with customised storage solutions, internal fittings are a top concern simply because they’ll determine how well your built-ins will work (read: open and close).

boxx euro kitchen fittings singapore

That said, what exactly should you choose to outfit your cabinets and drawers with? Regular hinges or soft-closing ones? Pull handles or push-latches?

Well, if you’re stumped, read on for six game-changing options that local fittings firm Boxx Euro plans to introduce to Singapore homes.

1. Albatros lift-up system

Lift-up mechanisms for cabinet doors aren’t exactly a new invention, but you’ll find that the Albatros system does it better than the rest – especially in kitchens (or any room) with a high ceiling. Designed for use with two-fold cabinet fronts, Boxx Euro’s take on the pivot arm offers quick and easy access to vertical storage units with just a light upwards push.

For safety, the Albatros even comes with an intermediate security hinge that’ll prevent your fingers from getting accidentally pinched when it’s being closed or opened.

boxx euro kitchen fittings singapore
boxx euro kitchen fittings singapore

2. IMPULSE push-latches

Handles are so yesterday. If you’d like to achieve a truly minimalist look for your cabinets, these IMPULSE push-latches are what you need. Designed for use for storage fixtures without handles, these fittings allow doors and drawers to be opened/closed with a single push, on top of ensuring a seamless look.

Meanwhile, the two precise ejection distances (20mm and 40mm respectively) of these push-latches will keep your cabinet doors/drawers from extending too far or colliding with adjacent fixtures when being opened.

boxx euro kitchen fittings singapore

3. DELTA multi-purpose struts

Unlike their run-of-the-mill cousins, DELTA multi-purpose struts can be used to prevent heavyweight flip panels or lids from falling too quickly (and resulting in nasty bruises).

Use them as hinges for a drop-down door for a cabinet and you’ll also get a foldable work surface that’s both stable and saves space.

boxx euro kitchen fittings singapore
boxx euro kitchen fittings singapore

4. INDAmatic hinges

INDAmatic hinges aren’t just silent and easy to close, they are also useful for preventing accidental rebounds because of built-in cushions.

And depending on the weight or size of your cabinet’s lid/door, these hinges can be customised to maintain a consistent closing speed that you’re comfortable with – i.e. no more accidental slams.

boxx euro kitchen fittings singapore

5. Concealed drawer runners

Unlike regular drawer runners, these concealed fittings are mounted underneath drawers (as opposed to the sides), making them extra useful for achieving a sleeker look for your storage solutions.

However, what’s so special about Euro Boxx’s version is its exceptional opening cycle of 60,000 times – more than enough to last you an entire lifetime (or at least, until you move).

boxx euro kitchen fittings singapore

6. ARIANE double-walled drawers

Why have a regular drawer when you can have a double-walled one that’s able to handle more weight (read: heavy porcelain dinnerware)? Impressive maximum load capacity of 50kg aside, Ariane drawers also close smoothly always – even when fully loaded, because of built-in INDAmatic cushions.

Tack on the ability to be outfitted with a wide variety of useful accessories, such as modular cutlery trays and sub-drawers, and you get a drawer system that’s both efficient and elegantly designed. Can we say perfect?

boxx euro kitchen fittings singapore

Why Boxx Euro?

Boxx Euro is a furniture and storage fittings company that offers simple, but exceptional built-in home solutions at competitive prices. These European-standard products are also covered by a lifetime warranty and are manufactured in-house in Spain.

Find out more about their offerings here!

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