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How You Can Improve The Quality Of Your Home

November 26, 2015

Envision yourself in a peaceful oasis where a stroll into your living room is akin to walking into a natural paradise and every breath you take is one filled with fresh air. It may sound like a dream but a home that is eco-friendly puts a step forward in making this dream come true.

What is ‘green’ interior design?

‘Green’ or eco-friendly interior design takes into consideration the impact on the environment and the occupant’s health.

How You Can Improve The Quality Of Your Home

(Interior designer: D5 Studio Image)

Benefits of a ‘green’ home interior

Go green for a healthier body and mind - breathe easy without the need for air purifiers. The abundance of fresh air and sunlight improves your mood and wellbeing. Besides banishing dust mites and other common allergens, natural lighting creates a positive environment around the home.

Lush greenery also keeps the surroundings cool, which in turn, minimises the use of air-conditioning, keeping your electricity bill to a minimum.

How You Can Improve The Quality Of Your Home
How You Can Improve The Quality Of Your Home

(Aamer Architects converted this home into a tropical paradise with lush greenery and recycled wood materials)

How you can go ‘green’ at home

Use low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint for your home. Paints with high VOC contents release harmful solvents into the air which when inhaled, may cause acute symptoms such as dizziness and headaches. Alternatively, throw in indoor plants such as a money plant to remove volatile chemicals, or areca palm that converts carbon dioxide to oxygen.

Do your part for the environment when purchasing home furniture and opt for recycled materials and minimise the use of plastic.

How You Can Improve The Quality Of Your Home

(Interior designer: Living Gaia; the firm specialises in ‘green’ interior design)

How You Can Improve The Quality Of Your Home

(Architect: EZRA Architects)

Apart from interiors, there is also a rising trend in going ‘green’ for the exteriors, such as installing solar panels on rooftops. But among them, a new private condominium in Tanah Merah, The Glades, has taken green living to a whole new level.

How You Can Improve The Quality Of Your Home

Jointly developed by Keppel Land, the developer behind Reflections at Keppel Bay, and China Vanke, The Glades is surrounded by lush greenery on undulating terrains with cascading water features including a majestic waterfall, creating a peaceful oasis amidst the urban bustle. Residents can find respite in the net-zero energy clubhouse with indoor and outdoor fitness studios, relaxing forest spas and other amenities. Got green fingers? Nature-lovers can dabble in horticulture in the individual gardening plots for residents.

How You Can Improve The Quality Of Your Home

The developers have also taken the special effort to conserve fourteen trees originally situated at the corner of Bedok Rise to be integrated into the landscape of the development.

The Glades has been conferred as the winner for the Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework Certification by NParks in 2014.

Indeed, we are a step closer to our dream of living in an idyllic sanctuary.

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