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In One With Nature

Located at Mandai, Northwoods condo is situated in the midst of nature. To complement its surroundings, Project File came up with an earthy, Scandinavian design for their client. Intended to reflect the natural beauty and serenity of the surroundings, wood is the main material used in the interior, in varying tones and forms.

###Living and dining areas

The living area features a generous balcony. The spaces are kept clean and open, while furniture are matching to make one room look like a natural extension of the other. The dining furniture are also kept simple, with warm lighting above the table to create a more relaxed mood.

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###Kitchen and study
Light-toned wood is set against white cabinets in an earthy kitchen made for light cooking. Ample cabinets are provided so that the tabletops can be clutterfree. Contrasting dark wood is used in the study, meant to be a cosier space. A movable ladder is not only an attractive accessory, but also practical to help the owners reach the high shelves.

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Keeping in line with the earthy, Scandinavian theme, the bedroom is also clad in wood, from the wardrobe, to the shelves, to the flooring. The bathroom is the only space that has a slightly eclectic feel to it, with Peranakan tiles, also in muted black and white tones to blend with the rest of the décor.

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Interior Designer: Project File
Location: Mandai (condo)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $157,500

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