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Interior Ideas To Steal From Cafes, Restaurants and Offices

Businesses nowadays are stepping up the style meter by paying more attention to their interiors and it is not uncommon to come across business units that are stylishly done up and which provides a comfortable soothing atmosphere.

We give you 7 stylish places which you can replicate the look in your home, from cafes to schools and offices.


1. One of the more popular trends, cafe-style decor and today's industrial-styled homes share some similiarities - the black-framed glass partitions, exposed bulbs and utiliarian warehouse furnishings. The look however is far from bare cold as one can expect to snuggle up and enjoy a cup of Joe in this setting.

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==Ideas to steal for your home==: The edgy bricked walls by the counter and the monochrome chic backsplash.

Interior Designer: Design Chapterz

2. Joe & Dough toned down the industrial vibe by using lots of wood and plushy cushions to make one feel at home with them. What we like best are the tables made of stacked wooden pallets that adds to the chic and eco-friendly factor.

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==Ideas to steal for your home==: The wooden pallet tables that would impress any guests and the wood accent laminates.

Interior Designer: Liid Studio


3. Rewinding back to the 18th century, the restaurant, Antoinette, recreated the Victorian décor style with furnishings and upholstery that are signature traits of that era. Be it in the interiors or exteriors of the home, walls and pillars decorated with detailed panellings and mouldings are vital in channelling that French elegance.

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==Ideas to steal for your home==: We don't know where to start! Perhaps the display case to store those tasty macarons for a more practical option.

Interior Designer: Space Matters

Modern Contemporary

4. You’ll never guess that this is a facial clinic. Although the overall design of the waiting area is rather simple, design elements such as the miniature dollhouse, the red bench and the painting on the wall add a sense of playfulness the space. The consultation room carries on with this theme where a vase of colourful flowers and a colourful painting lessen the severity of the mostly-white colour scheme.

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==Ideas to steal for your home==: The rustic-meets-sophistication look at the hallway; afterall, you can never go wrong with a tanned leather sofa and retro art.

Interior Designer: Linear Space Concepts

5. Channel the cosy modern look effortlessly by putting a personal touch on living spaces. Including a blackboard where one can randomly scribble the day’s musings evokes a casual feel while the incorporation of bookshelves with one’s various personal knick-knacks displayed reinforces that “this is home, truly”.

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==Ideas to steal for your home==: The entire bedroom look - it's modern, practical and soothing to the eye.

Interior Designer: Starry Homestead

The Great Gatsby

6. Recreate the roaring 20s with décor that could have come straight off the pages of the Great Gatsby novel. Hints of gold such as in the detailing patterns on the walls add a sense of glamour and luxury to the atmosphere. Choosing furniture with soft curves and in shades of crimson red or black aids with recreating the grandiose feel of the 1920s.

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==Ideas to steal for your home==: The entire look if Leonardo DiCaprio was there.

Interior Designer: JP Concept

###Hotel Luxe

7. Since it is can get pricey to spend one’s money on staycations, why not redecorate your home such that it looks like a hotel and voila, you can enjoy the luxuries of hotel living right in the comforts of your home! Borrowing the style as seen in Pan Pacific Serviced Suites, throw in a plushy rug to emulate the hotel feel and cream coloured furniture is always a good bet when it comes to channelling that air of opulence.

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==Ideas to steal for your home==: The warm and cosy look in the bedroom that would sit well with small homes.

Interior Designer: Kemistry of Style

Tell us below what are the ideas you would like to steal from these places!

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