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Interior Trends 2018: What’s Going To Be Popular

Even if you are a seasoned renovator, keeping track of the latest interior design and décor trends can be a tough affair. From furniture choices to colour schemes, what is regarded as ‘trendy’ often changes from year-to-year (or even month-to-month), which certainly makes it hard to predict what will be fashionable.

However, it never hurts to find out what is currently trending simply because knowing what's popular will make it a whole lot easier to update your home's look.
So read on to find out what we feel will be hot in 2018!

What’s On The Rise

1. Japanese Simplicity: Wabi-Sabi

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Come next year, we foresee that homeowners will opt for simpler, natural looks over fancier styles for their abodes. Think natural rusticity, rather than classic-inspired spaces that are full of fine architectural details and lavish furnishings.

Relating to this trend, there is one Japanese aesthetic philosophy that stands out. Wabi-Sabi is the idea that there is beauty to be found in natural perfection, and it is a great movement to follow if you are willing to embrace humble organic materials and irregularity.

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Interior Designer: The Local INN.terior

A home that incorporates the Wabi-Sabi philosophy is one that cares neither about patching up subtle cracks (provided that they aren’t dangerous) nor fixing the asymmetry of a room’s furniture layout. Instead, keep these elements of imperfection if you wish to give your home a rustic charm that is truly authentic.

2. Mixed Geometrical Shapes

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Source: Hello Circus

Due to their simple appearance, you may think that geometric patterns are inferior to intricate motifs when it comes to creating visual interest at home. But as a recurring trend, geometrical patterns have proven time and again to be an effective and flexible décor feature.

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Interior Designer: Jubilee Interior

Wish to make a tranquil space appear more interesting? You can bring in neutral-coloured patterns with thin outlines as a classy touch. Conversely, big, vibrant patterns are a great décor choice if you feel like being bold.

Likewise, when used alongside contrasting colours, these shapes serve as strong visual cues that highlight the distinction between different spaces and material palettes.

3. Metallic Accents & Accessories

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Interior Designer: akiHAUS

Ever wanted to add some iridescent highlights to your current space, but fear that they may appear too tacky? Then you have no need to fear as metallic accents have been highlighted by colour authority Pantone to be an up-and-rising interior trend for 2018.

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Interior Designer: The Scientist

So whether it is brass, copper or gold, there is no better time than now to start incorporating metals into your home. However, the trick is to use them sparingly. Give duller spaces in your home a chance to shine by making small, but thoughtful additions in the form of metallic handles, light fixtures or ornaments.

What’s Staying In Vogue

As with most things in life, it is always good to stay one of step ahead when it comes to interior trends, but taking note of your present surroundings is just as important. If you have incorporated any of the following décor elements in your home, do keep them around as they will continue to stay popular in 2018.

1. Nature-Inspired Décor

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Interior Designer: Bowerman

Apart from bringing plenty of natural goodness into homes, interior plants, rustic furnishings as well as other nature-related décor elements are likewise great for beautifying spaces with a minimalist, green touch. And due to its evergreen charm, this trend won’t be disappearing into the woods anytime soon (get it?).

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Source: Hello Circus

While it is possible to bring the great outdoors in by decorating your rooms with potted plants and/or terrariums, these green ‘pets’ require time and attention – resources that are usually in short supply for the modern-day urban dweller.

One fuss-free alternative is to simply bring in botanical prints, either in the form of soft furnishings or these nature-inspired wallpapers from Hello Circus.

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2. White & Wood

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Interior designer: Inzz Studio

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Interior designer: Intrigue-d Design Consultancy

Although the minimalist-chic combination of whitewashed spaces and natural surfaces has been said to be out of fashion, its popularity continues to grow in Singapore – and for good reason. Minimalist interiors embody simplicity and practicality, and there is no pairing that conveys this quality better than the lightness of white-and-wood.

3. Raw Textures

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Interior designer: Dan’s Workshop

Just like white-and-wood interiors, the use of raw textures is an existing trend that is unlikely to go out of style in 2018. Exposed layers, such as concrete and rough brick, are great for creating an edgy contrast, especially when they are paired off against luxe surfaces like marble and warm metals.

But more importantly, this timeless look is easy to pull off as all you need to do is mix things up. You can accomplish this by adding rustic or aged elements (which certainly help in capturing the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic) to a sophisticated space, and vice versa.

Either way, what you will end up with is a chic home that strikes the right balance between cool refinement and cosy comfort.

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