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It’s Real, Faux Plants Can Help You Nail Your Home Aesthetic

May 30, 2022 · Paid Partnership with Ferns & Philo

These lifelike artificial plants look just like the real deal, but better.

Let’s be real: As much as we fancy the idea of becoming full-fledged plant parents, sometimes we just can’t keep our favourite plants alive, or they simply don’t get enough sunlight (a common problem in most modern homes, if you ask us).

A hassle-free yet on-trend alternative? Just fake it! Adding faux foliage is a fabulous way to pull in greenery without having to deal with the constant upkeep of real plants. They’re a breeze to care for and stay ‘fresh’ all year round so you can keep your living space looking beautiful as ever – no watering or sunlight needed. What’s more, you can easily change them up anytime you want to suit your decor.

artificial houseplants

If you’re looking for some easy ideas to freshen up your interior, we rounded up the best artificial plants from Ferns & Philo to help you curate your own zen nook, based on your desired home look.

Tropical paradise

artificial houseplants

Travel restrictions may be lifting, but it definitely isn’t sustainable to always be on holiday. If you’re dreaming up the perfect tropical holiday, consider filling your space with tropical-themed centrepieces with lush glossy leaves that will make your home feel like a summertime retreat away from the urban jungle.

artificial houseplants

Set up a cosy corner filled with them, or take the look up a notch with a hammock/hanging chairs to complete the ‘outdoor’ escapade – the perfect spot to while away the afternoon with a book or two.

Faux plant picks: Travellers Palm Tree, Sky Bird Plant, Calathea Orbifolia, Monstera Plant, Palm Tree Plant

Rustic meets desert chic

artificial houseplants

If you like the idea of bringing the outdoors in but find greens a little too jarring, opt for artificial numbers with more browns to add a bit of rugged botanical charm into your space.

artificial houseplants

Place these accent pieces throughout your home to brighten up dark corners and bring life to the space, all while creating a cosy and welcoming ambience that will make your guests feel right at home.

artificial houseplants

You can also incorporate decorative elements by going for more wooden and rustic furnishings – like a live edge coffee table or some chic rattan planters – for an organic feel.

Faux plant picks: Yucca (Rustic Leaves), Yucca (Thin Leaves), Agave Plant

Fresh floral vibes

artificial houseplants

A surefire way to make your home look instantly more Instagrammable? Nothing like sprucing up your humble abode with some delicate blooms for a splash of vibrancy! Whether in a vase/pot on top of your coffee table or as a striking flower arrangement on the windowsill, orchids are an ideal choice if you’re going for an elegant, romantic look.

artificial houseplants

Prolonging the lifespan of flowers can take a lot of effort, but not for these faux blossoms. Unlike real flowers, you get to keep them in storage and rotate your display as you please to keep things fresh (pun intended). Plus, they come in an assortment of colours like white, purple and striking red to tickle your fancy.

Faux plant picks: Orchids (assortment of colours)

Full-on 'biophilic' design

artificial houseplants

Biophilic interior designs – think natural elements and organic features – have been trending since the pandemic hit (no thanks to being stuck at home during periods of lockdown!). The good news is you don’t need actual green thumbs to embrace it. Create your own vertical garden at home instead!

A plant feature wall is a great idea to introduce greenery into your home, be it the living room or the balcony, for a modern look. And for those who don’t want to fully commit to a true living wall, an artificial wall serves as a more fuss-free alternative sans the maintenance. What’s more, it’s also a more practical solution for smaller cramped apartments as it doesn’t take up any floor or tabletop space.

Faux plant picks: Artificial Green Wall Wooden Frame (Vertical), Artificial Green Wall Feature (Wooden Grid)

Add greenery into your home, the faux way!

artificial houseplants

No more plant care fails! With a wide array of indoor artificial plants available, you can now curate your very own green oasis with unique faux options courtesy of Ferns & Philo.

Head down to its flagship retail store to explore more varieties, or get a new plant buddy delivered right to your doorstep via its online store. Here’s a bonus deal: you can also score 10% off your purchase with the promo code < FAPQV20OFF > if you adopt a green friend before 31 August 2022.

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